After you’re done filling up on turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing on Thanksgiving, make sure to turn on Glee because if the latest reviews are any indication, we’re in for a fun episode that may very well end up being one of the show’s best in a long while. But to whet your appetite, FOX has released four clips from this Thursday’s “Dynamic Duets.”

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First up, it’s been teased that Blaine reunites with the Warblers, where they try to bring him back in. Now that Kurt’s no longer at McKinley, is there anything stopping Blaine from putting that blue and red blazer back on and returning to Dalton Academy? Here he is performing Kelly Clarkson’s “Dark Side” with the Warblers:

With Mr. Schuester away for a few months, Finn’s stepping in to lead the Glee Club. But it’s not smooth sailing, as his first lesson is a “disaster,” as he puts it. That’s not too surprising — as a student, it’d be hard to see him as anyone other than one of them. But Coach Beiste, dressed up as The Beiste Master, gives him some superhero-filled advice: “Clark Kent was an awesome guy, but it was Superman who inspired everyone. Be their hero, Finn.”

Let’s stay with the superhero theme for a moment. This next clip shows the students in costume as they run in slow-motion down the hallway to see what the emergency in the choir room is. It turns out their trophy has been stolen and in its place is a laptop. They play the video on it, which shows a Warbler (with trophy in hand) giving them a grave warning.

Finally, yet another love triangle is brewing on Glee. This time, it’s Ryder and Jake arguing over Marley. While Ryder makes a good point about Jake at the start, he himself comes off as a little too cocky in this video. The two start fighting, but have no fear: the McKinely High superheroes are here! Make sure to watch until the very end to hear Becky’s hilarious command.

Based on these previews, do you have high hopes for “Dynamic Duets”? Are you looking forward to what appears to be a very entertaining hour on Thanksgiving?

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(Image and videos courtesy of FOX)

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