The familial bond comes in all different forms these days. For some, it’s the traditional bond through blood and home, while for others it’s developed through love, friendship, or even work. In “Endgame,” that unwavering bond of two non-traditional families was tested and ultimately solidified.

Suits season 4 has been difficult to watch at times due to the troubled relationships. Jessica’s firm started off with conflict all over the place due to her desire to merge with Darby. She didn’t listen to Harvey, he tried to sabotage the merger, and she force Mike to betray him.

When they turned on each other loyalty went out the window and no one trusted each other. Then, Darby entered the picture and he leveraged that mistrust to his advantage. And as it turned out in “Endgame,” he had one goal from the beginning which was at any cost to get Ava out of trouble.

The bond between Darby and Ava was one based on unconditional love. He loved her father and that made them family. Plus, she enabled them to maintain their relationship at a time when it could have cost them their careers. Darby not only cared deeply for Ava, but felt an obligation to her.

After the truth came out that it was Stephen that arranged for the killings, Harvey and Jessica worked to get him held responsible instead of Ava. It didn’t work. Cameron Dennis wasn’t going to budge.

It was a no-win situation for everyone involved. Mariga couldn’t change his testimony to place the blame on Ava or he risked his deal. And, that put his own life at risk. Cameron wanted the win and he had it, which left Ava no way out.

Until Darby decided that he would sacrifice himself and his integrity by lying about what happened. He would testify that Stephen told him what he did, even though it was never actually verbalized.

Was it the right thing to do? Did this wrong to protect someone from an even greater wrong justify it? Should Harvey have gone along with it? Or, was he just doing the exact same thing that Cameron did all those years ago by hiding evidence to get convictions?

Harvey and Mike reminded Cameron of his mistake all those years before when he put an innocent man behind bars. Was the win worth doing it again? Ultimately, it worked. The lie allowed Cameron to get the win and do it by charging the guilty party, Stephen.

While the comparison is there between what Harvey did with Darby and Ava and what he turned on Cameron for doing 10 years before, there was one huge difference. In this case, they knew that Stephen was guilty. Darby’s lie was in specifics, but not in concept.

It was a way for Darby to save his Ava. And, through this experience Jessica and Harvey were able to reconnect and re-establish their own familial bond. When they couldn’t trust each other, they broke that bond. All it took to bring it back was honesty and recognizing their mistakes.

Plus, it didn’t hurt that they teamed up on Darby and kicked him out the firm with a sneak attack thanks to Cameron. Smooth move! Though, the fight isn’t over. Darby may not be able to practice law in the US, but the divorce won’t be an easy one.

Did they make the right decision to get Ava out of trouble? Does a wrong sometimes make a right?

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