Harvey and Mike are back together again! The strife between them was difficult to take, but fortunately it didn’t take them long to find their way back together. And, first up for the dynamic duo (a.k.a. Butch and Sundance) was to save Ava Hessington from murder charges.

Cameron Dennis manipulated Harvey with his settlement offer on the bribery charges. Ava agreed to plead out, which played right into Cameron’s plan to charge her with murder. And, Harvey’s job became much more difficult.

Harvey knows how to use extreme actions to win cases by maneuvering on the edge of the law, but he doesn’t cross it. He wanted Ava to win her case not only because of his pride, but to please Darby and advance within the firm. Despite what was at stake for him personally, he wasn’t willing to break the law to help her win.

With Mike back by his side, they came up with a plausible resolution. Harvey wouldn’t participate in bribing the witnesses, but he had no problem using the law in their favor to complete “legal” bribes.

For now, their plan has worked, though I can’t imagine a scenario in which Cameron Dennis will leave Ava alone. He will continue to come after her and Harvey. Will something else stick? And, how far will Harvey go to protect Ava?

Was she complicit in the killings? That question hung over the episode. Harvey didn’t want to know the truth, instead he focused on his client, the evidence, and how to legally get her exonerated. 

After betraying Harvey to Jessica, Mike was quick to make sure not to do that again. He refused to speculate on Harvey’s thoughts to Ava and wouldn’t even share his own. Though, it was touching to see the two lawyers express their beliefs with each other. Ava did it and she’s a despicable human being.

They did their job though and got her out of it. Will they continue to work with her? Or, will they be done? Since Cameron Dennis will definitely continue after Harvey, this case most likely is far from done.

Though, perhaps, Harvey will be in a better position withing Pearson Darby when it happens. Now that both Donna and Mike know about his plans to take over the firm from Jessica, the real war within the firm is just beginning. Will he get his name on the door? 

Odds and Ends

  • Poor Louis! He lost Mike and now he’s been manipulated by Katrina. Their partnership could end up working out, though it’s more likely that Louis will end up being hurt by her. She a player and only out for herself.
  • Katrina’s computer joke of Mike as Harvey’s baby was childish and well beneath her. She’s a horrible person. Though, Harvey standing up for Mike made it well worth it. She better watch out.
  • Rachel and Donna’s make up moment was awesome. Instead of holding grudges or being catty, they just apologized in their own unique way and moved on. They support their men, but they also need each other.
  • “Will you be my girlfriend?” – Mike on one knee in the office after pushing papers on the floor. Aww! It was almost too adorable. Their relationship is a highlight. I really hope they can remain in a happy place for a while.
  • British Harvey arrived! Steven Huntley — Is he on Harvey’s side? Or, is he playing his American counterpart? No clue. One thing that’s sure is that he’s charming. Donna should have gotten in the car!

Should Donna hook up with British-Harvey? Will Louis regret his decision to work with Katrina? Is it a good thing that Mike and Rachel have solidified their relationship?

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