After just the first episode of season 5 aired, USA network has announced that they’ve decided to pick up their hit drama series Suits for a sixth season. The show has been renewed for the 2015-2016 season for 16 more episodes.

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Gabriel Macht has led as the series star for the past five seasons, playing the quick-witted and cunning lawyer, Harvey Specter.

Suits has set the bar high in every way and continues to be a strong performer and marquee property for USA. From the incredible onscreen performances and brilliant writing to the aspirational lifestyle portrayed, we look forward to continuing to bring viewers into the world of Suits every week.” said Chris McCumber, president of the USA network.

Universal Cable Productions president and CCO of NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment, Jeff Wachtel, also added this: “Aaron Korsh has some great surprises for the audience at the end of Season 5 that should really set future seasons on an exciting new course.”

Suits has been one of the biggest successed for USA network thus far, with Royal Pains being the only show on it to rake in higher ratings. It’s been one of USA’s earlier dark shows, as they now seem to be pushing for this tone with new its new series Mr. Robot and the upcoming Colony, Complications and Queen of the South.

Suits airs Wednesdays at 9pm on USA.

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Kartik Chainani

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