On this episode of Suits, “The Hand That Feeds You,” Mike goes up against Cahill in an effort to get Kevin released, Jessica and Rachel disagree on how to handle Leonard’s case and Harvey finds himself at odds with Cameron Dennis over Frank Gallo.

When we last saw Mike, his foot was as good as out the door of Danbury. He’d convinced Jill to testify against her father, and Sutter was going away-case closed. Well, if this season has taught us anything (Other than a few weeks can feel like forever), it’s that it might have been easier to Mike to bust out of jail then wait for Harvey and Sean Cahill to get the job done.

Delay of Game

Harvey delivers the news that Mike is going to have to wait it out for a few more days. Since Cahill rescinded his deal and then reinstated it, there’s a few more “I’s” to dot and “T’s” to cross. Now that Mike is officially an informant, he worries what happens if someone finds out. (Let’s just assume he won’t be crowned prom king.) Harvey advises Mike to sit tight (as if he has any other choice) and keep his wits about him. Mikey has survived this long (A week? Two?) what’s another 48 hours?

Rachel thinks she’s found a precedent to get Leonard Bailey’s case re-opened. All those years as a paralegal have made her a wiz at research. She wants to run her shapely behind right over to the public defender’s office, but Jessica warns Rachel that in these situations, things don’t always go exactly as planned. Rachel may be great at research, but Jessica is an expert at dropping the hammer.

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Kevin’s Troubles Continue

Kevin informs Mike that Cahill has been seizing his and Jill’s assets. Mike points out the government wouldn’t let them keep the direct proceeds from insider trading, but Kevin says they’re taking everything, including money Jill earned before she got wrapped up in her father’s illegal business. Kevin expects Mike to put a stop to it since he’s the one who convinced them to take the deal.

Mike calls Cahill, questioning why he’s seizing all of Jill’s assets. Cahill may not exactly be playing fair, but he’s getting a little payback for all the people who lost everything they had, including his mother, thanks to Sutter’s shady trading. He’s not going to let Jill “live high on the hog” while working people’s lives were ruined.

Threats, Threats and More Threats

Harvey has held up his end of his bargain with Gallo and gotten him a parole hearing. Harvey reminds Gallo that he’s obligated to have Mike’s back for as long as the two remain at Danbury together. Gallo swears he’s a man of his word which isn’t exactly comforting. He’s made a lot of nasty threats, and it’s possible he’ll still feel obligated to screw Harvey over even if things go his way.

Jessica meets with Georgina Casey, the public offender who defended Leonard Bailey. Georgina points out that she tried to be polite when Rachel insinuated she didn’t do her job with Bailey, but she’s not about to be told by someone who harbored a fraud what a bad lawyer she is.

Jessica clarifies that she doesn’t think Georgina is a bad lawyer, just a good lawyer who made a mistake, and Jessica is there to give her a chance to fix it.

Leonard Bailey’s alibi witness may be dead but her testimony isn’t. Jessica wants Georgina to testify to what Maria Lopez told her. But Georgina isn’t going to pretend she let a solid witness disappear when she believes Maria was a junkie with an inconsistent story at best. Georgina knows Jessica took this case to try and repair her firm’s reputation, but she’s not about to smear her own in the process.

Jessica reminds Georgina that a man’s life is on the line, but Georgina did her best to defend him, but she’s under no obligation to do it again. Jessica isn’t taking no for an answer. She hands Georgina a sworn affidavit which states that Gomez told Georgina Leonard couldn’t have murdered that couple because he was with her at the time. Georgina can either sign it, or lie under oath to a jury that it isn’t true and face Jessica’s wrath.

Jessica and Rachel go before the judge along with the prosecutor who argues the affidavit isn’t enough to reopen the case. Rachel gets heated and makes the accusation that Georgina didn’t do an adequate job representing her client. The judge questions if Jessica and Rachel want to re-open the case because Georgina failed to do her job. That’s a serious allegation to make against another attorney. Since the affidavit doesn’t seem to be enough, Jessica states that wasn’t their plan, but if that’s what it takes to give Bailey a chance to prove his innocence, it’s their plan now. Since the affidavit basically is an admission of a big blunder, the judge plans to rule that the case should be reopened after all.

A Change of Plans

Mike may not be able to stop Cahill from taking Jill’s money, but he thinks he might be able to get Kevin out so at least the family can be together. Kevin doesn’t want to rock the boat, worried that Cahill could rescind her deal. Mike assures Kevin the deal is airtight, and Cahill can’t take it back.

Mike needs to know what Cahill said to Kevin when he told him to turn on Sutter. Kevin reveals Cahill didn’t say anything, he never spoke to Sean Cahill in his life.

Harvey’s having a hard enough time reconciling his conscience by trying to get Gallo out, but things get worse when his former boss, Cameron Dennis, finds out. He can’t believe Harvey is trying to get a murderer who should have been put away for life out of jail. Harvey explains the Mike situation, but Cameron doesn’t care. Harvey won’t break the deal but Cameron will.

Cameron plans to play a tape for the parole board that has Gallo admitting to murder. Harvey argues the tape wasn’t admissible in court, so if Cameron tries to even hit the play button, Harvey will get him thrown out. Cameron isn’t ruffled by Harvey’s threats. He is going to do whatever it takes to keep Gallo behind bars.

Mike is approached by a guard who calls him out for being a rat. Word is spreading, and the guard warns Mike there will come a time when Mike needs his protection and he won’t be there. This is obviously the pitch for some sort of shakedown, but Gallo intervenes. He tells Mike he’s got his back, but Mike isn’t buying it. Guards are the last ones to find out anything, so if word about Mike informing is spreading, he wouldn’t be finding out about it from one. This is a play by Gallo to remind Mike of what will happen if Harvey lets Gallo down.

Everything Implodes

As Harvey and Gallo go before the parole board, Mike is butting heads with Cahill. Mike’s drafted a lawsuit against him, claiming Cahill abused his power when he went after Kevin. Kevin lives in New Jersey which was also the sight of his car accident and that would put it out of Cahill’s jurisdiction.

Mike promises not to file the suit, if Cahill agrees to get Kevin out. Cahill isn’t about to be bullied by Mike, who at this point, is seriously pushing his luck. His arrogance is off the charts. Mike believes Cahill crossed a line when he took all of Jill’s money, but Cahill doesn’t see it that way. However, if Mike thinks Cahill’s capable of abusing his power, he’s about to prove him right. Cahill tells Mike his deal is gone.

Cahill gave Mike immunity for the crimes he committed before he got caught. Mike’s plea agreement specifies he’ll never practice law again without a license, something Mike’s been doing while in jail. Mike calls B.S. since Kevin and Jill both know he isn’t a lawyer. Cahill says he knows that and Mike knows that, but if Mike fights it, Cahill will argue it in court for the next two years. So, if Mike doesn’t back down, he’ll be lucky to get a day out before he’s supposed to anyway.

Gallo swears to the board he’s a changed man and swears he’ll never do anything naughty again. Cameron makes good on his threat to sabotage Gallo’s hearing. He doesn’t play the tape, but Cameron reads the transcript of Harvey’s own words from Gallo’s sentencing hearing. Among other things, Harvey called Gallo a sociopath with no remorse for the things he’d done who should be locked up for his miserable life.

Harvey tries to convince the board that he believes Gallo has changed, but Cameron tells the board Gallo hasn’t changed and is blackmailing Harvey. Harvey denies it, but the board decides they’re going to swear Harvey in the following day. One of the members urges Harvey to reconsider what he’ll be saying then because he’ll be saying it under oath.

Who Will Back Down First?

After all the dust clears, Mike and Harvey compare notes. Mike is annoyingly self-righteous about his actions, and Harvey makes it clear that Mike doesn’t have that luxury. Harvey also has to relive the disastrous events that unfolded at Gallo’s parole hearing. This news only strengthens Mike’s resolve not to leave Kevin behind. If Mike gets out and Gallo doesn’t, the first person Gallo will go after is Mike’s cellmate.

Harvey wants Mike to drop the suit before Cahill pulls the deal, but Mike tells him it’s too late. Now he’s got no choice to move forward with his threat because it’s the only card Mike has left to play. If Harvey want Mike to drop it, he needs to get Cahill to do the right thing and get Kevin out.

Mike isn’t the only one pushing his luck. The prosecutor in Bailey’s case comes to Jessica with a deal. It isn’t good enough for Jessica. She may not have DNA evidence or an alibi and not much else. What she does have is a case that will embarrass him every day it drags on since he was the one who prosecuted it in the first place.

He offers up 10 years and Jessica counters with five. Even better, if he lets Bailey walk now, she promises to not reopen the case at all. Seven is as low as the opposing counsel will go, claiming she can take it or leave it. Jessica brings down that hammer, promising she’ll get Bailey exonerated and make the prosecutor look like a fool.

Jessica tells Rachel about the deal. Jessica thinks she can get it down to five, but Rachel believes that’s five too long for a crime Bailey didn’t commit. Jessica points out that losing at retrial and dying in prison isn’t fair either. Rachel doesn’t believe they’ll lose, but Jessica tells her that juries are unpredictable. This is a chance for Leonard to get his life back. Still not good enough for Rachel. Leonard will still be seen as a murderer, even by his family.

Jessica gets frustrated by Rachel’s untested idealism. This is a win, and Rachel needs to get on board, so they can walk into that prison and present a united front.

But this guy is used to dropping some hammers himself. He tells Jessica to bring it on. But she’s obligated to present his offer to Leonard Bailey, and if he loses again, in 60 days, he’ll be executed.

Harvey tries to reason with Cahill, but Cahill won’t budge until Mike drops the suit and walks away. Harvey promises that if Cahill lets the deal go through there’s no way Mike will follow through once he gets out. Cahill doesn’t trust Harvey or Mike enough to agree. Both men argue they’ve held up their ends of their deal.

Cahill is livid that Mike’s trying to bite the hand that feeds him, so in retaliation, he’s going to take away Mike’s dinner. Harvey voices his concern about Mike being trapped in prison with Gallo, and Cahill sees that as all the more incentive for Mike to back off.

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Mike Goes Behind Harvey’s Back

Harvey continues to scramble to save Mike who, by this point, I’m not certain deserves it. Harvey tells Cameron he’ll have Gallo under surveillance for three years following his release. That’s not enough for Cameron, so Harvey pulls the Mike card. Cameron is under the impression Mike is getting out, so Harvey has to reveal the SEC’s shady dealings, and Mike’s determination to best Cahill in a legal game of chicken.

This revelation only serves to infuriate Cameron further. Why should he perjure himself and put a monster on the street so that Mike can fight his little crusade. Cameron confronts Harvey that he knows what he’s doing with Gallo with wrong, and Harvey has to convince Mike to veer off the road before he and Cahill collide.

Before Harvey can testify, Cameron arrives with Mike. Mike blows Gallo out of the water, recounting all of Gallo’s threats against him. He also reveals that Harvey was aware of the threats, and it’s the only reason he’s trying to get Gallo parole. Harvey doesn’t refute Mike’s testimony.

Gallo promises to come after both Mike and Harvey, but Mike informs Gallo he’s getting out ASAP, and there’s nothing that Gallo can do about it.

Harvey learns that Mike cut a deal with Cameron. Cameron doesn’t work for the SEC, and he was able to convince someone that it was better to let a drunk driver out if it meant keeping Gallo in. He doesn’t see the big deal since Mike’s getting out, but Harvey knows Gallo’s reach stretches beyond the prison.

Matters of Life and Death

Leonard doesn’t want to take the deal. For him, it’s not about living or dying, it’s about proving his innocence. Leonard asks Rachel for her opinion, and Rachel urges him to fight, so that’s what he decides to do.

Rachel and Jessica go toe-to-toe, and Rachel accuses Jessica of not caring, but Jessica says playing the odds isn’t the same thing as not caring. Rachel has never seen Jessica back down from a fight, but she also hasn’t seen Jessica in a position where a man’s life is at stake. Jessica’s been down this road before, and the outcome wasn’t good.

Rachel still doesn’t think they should convince Leonard to take a deal he can’t live with. They need to fight to give him something worth living for.

Kevin and Mike prepare to leave, but when the guard arrives, he’s only taking Kevin.

Harvey thinks Cahill went back on his word to reinstate the deal if Mike dropped the suit. Cahill swears the deal is in play. Mike called Cahill and told him to hold off on the paperwork until morning. It seems Mikey’s got a plan, and he couldn’t let Harvey know about it. But now, Mike needs Cahill and Harvey’s help to bring it home.

Mike sits in his cell and receives a visit from Gallo. Gallo goes after Mike but learns Mike is recording the whole scene which includes Gallo bragging about having guards in his pocket. It’s a pretty unimaginative sting operation. The good guards come to save the day, and I’m guessing Mike’s hoping Gallo’s actions send him back to maximum where it will make it impossible for him to get out or get to Mike in anyway.

Harvey offers Gallo a deal. He gets five years tacked on to his sentence and stays at Danbury as long as he drops his vendetta against Mike.

After nine tedious episodes, endless covert cell phone calls and deals being made and unmade faster than hotel room beds, Mike finally walks out of jail a free man. Sadly, they couldn’t even pull together a Cool Hand Luke or Escape from Alcatraz or even The Rock, Mike’s incarceration comes to an anti-climactic end.

Suits airs Wednesdays at 9pm on USA.

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