When Arrow Season 4 picks up, Malcolm Merlyn is the leader of one of the most dangerous organizations in the world. As the new Ra’s of the League of Assassins, Malcolm is sure to put his own spin on things though.

BuddyTV spoke with John Barrowman at San Diego Comic-Con where he shows off his replica Ra’s ring, talks about what’s coming up for Malcolm, and hasa  couple people drop by as well. As normal with Barrowman, this is an interview that is best watched, but we have included some highlights for you as well. 

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Check out the video interview (some parts you just have to watch) and highlights below.

Highlights from the interview:

  • John Barrowman has a replica Ra’s al Ghul ring.
  • Barrowman doesn’t like to know what’s going to happen on the show ahead of time.
  • Sara will be back. “How she’s brought back will be the interesting part.” He implies Malcolm will have a role in her resurrection.
  • “For me as an actor, this season is going to be awesome.”
  • With Malcolm at the head of the League will bring some changes. “The League will have casual Fridays.”
  • In the past, you knew the League was there because of their outfits. Malcolm may come up with a way to have them infiltrate situations without being recognizable.
  • “I think he is proud.” – Regarding Thea becoming Speedy, though he will be protective of her.
  • Barrowman treats the stunt scenes like a dance since he has that background. No accidents on Arrow so far. He did break a stuntman’s nose on another show.
  • At 4:20, Tom Cavanagh (The Flash) stops by and says Barrowman’s challenge is to “not be so handsome” and Barrowman’s reaction is hilarious and awesome.
  • Malcolm’s challenge with be keeping his position as the Head of the League.
  • Barrowman explains the differences between the two pronounciations for “Ra’s.”
  • Captain Jack vs. Malcolm Merlyn! Barrowman gives his take. (It’s a response you have to watch.)
  • At 6:10, EP Andrew Kreisberg stops by and calls him “a liar.”
  • In Season 3, the challenge was the dialogue and the cast setting each other up to fail. 
  • Barrowman recounts the first time Katie Cassidy had to say “Nanda Parbat.”

Arrow Season 4 premieres Wednesday, October 7 at 8pm ET on the CW.

(Image courtesy of the CW/ Video: Carla Day)

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