In this episode of Shadowhunters, titled “Day of Atonement,” Clary and Jace set out on an unsanctioned mission to find Valentine in Idris after he absconded from the hands of the Clave but end up finding out a secret about Clary’s brother. Elsewhere, Maia and Simon begin a new romance, while Alec and Isabelle learn a distressing truth from their distant father.

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Jace and Clary Go Off Course

Sebastian, freshly acquainted with his father, seeks revenge on Valentine for his torturous childhood abandonment. While Sebastian seeks vengeance, Simon seeks solace by hiding in his room under the covers from his Clary-ridden heartbreak, but Maia has her own agenda in trying to get Simon to see the sun, literally and figuratively. Jace, Clary, Isabelle and Alec only have one goal in mind, which is to find the newly AWOL Valentine before the Clave can punish them for their ignorance.

The Clave sends a representative to investigate Alec’s shortcoming, but it comes in the form of his distant father. Jace and Clary decide to go rogue in their search for Valentine, combing Idris for signs of the villain as opposed to the five boroughs. Clary taps into her angel blood power and creates a portal for Jace and Clary to transport through.

Sebastian begins to recount his years of torture and pain at the hands of demons to his father as Valentine is tied to a chair, trying to pry himself out of harm’s way. Simon decides to leave his self-induced bat cave to attend Yom Kippur dinner but not without Maia as a surprise date. While Clary and Jace are out searching for Valentine, Alec and Isabelle try to deal with their shady father and his secret messages to The Inquisitor but soon find the former duo missing from New York. While at a remote lake in Idris, Jace is attacked and taken, with Clary having no hint other than a smear of blood on the ground.

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Clary’s Long-Lost Brother is Found

Over a quite estrogen-laden and awkward Passover dinner, the seeds of the Simon and Maia romance are set to flourish as the other ladies in Simon’s life embrace Maia. Alec, Isabelle and, to their dismay, their father all set out to try and find how Clary opened a portal to Idris but also track them down since Jace’s secret mission is not so secretive anymore. Alec must begrudgingly stay back as the head of the Institute but sends Isabelle to bring his parabatai home.

Isabelle finds her way to Idris, this time sanctioned by the Clave, and immediately finds Jace, very alive and intact. Isabelle comes bearing the knowledge that the lake has hallucinogenic powers, and if they don’t find Clary soon, she could lose her mind forever. Sebastian enacts his revenge on Sebastian and captures in a demonic seal set afire. Isabelle and Jace find Clary, as she is starting to see figments of her own imagination, but Jace transfers his rune power to her and fixes her runaway imagination. Alec’s father confides in Alec that The Clave has been hiding a secret. They’ve been hiding the fact that The Clave never found the soul sword after the giant battle with Valentine.

Who does? Sebastian, who taunts Valentine with it. Under the truth spell of the sword, Valentine spews his misguided love for his lost son, attempting to turn the tide of the hostage situation. Isabelle, Clary and Jace find an old cabin by the lake where Valentine used to frequent when Jace was a child but arrive too late, finding Sebastian and Valentine in the wind.

Walking home from their pseudo-date, Maia and Simon relish in their budding romance on the streets of New York, but all is not calm in New York City. Returning home from Idris, Jace brings journals from Valentine’s cabin and discovers that he was part of a two-ended experiment with another child, Johnathon, Valentine’s actual son and Sebastian’s real name.  

Did you foresee Sebastian/Johnathon’s reconciliation with Valentine coming? Do you support a Maia and Simon romance? Did you pick up on the intense vibes between Clary and Jace while in Idris? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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