The Game of Thrones and Suits universes continue to collide with Michelle Fairley joining fellow Games actor Conleth Hill in season 3. With the merger between Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) and Edward Darby (Hill) in the premiere, Darby brings in a new client, a British oil entrepreneur, played by Fairley. 

Spoiler Alert: This article includes Game of Thrones spoilers regarding the Red Wedding. Do not continue to read unless you’ve watched the episode or don’t mind being spoiled. You’ve been warned.

Last month, I headed up to Toronto to visit the Suits set and interview the cast. And, several of the actors are huge fans of Game of Thrones. Patrick Adams recounted how he asked Fairley on set about when she would return to film Games of Thrones and through her non-reply he realized that she wouldn’t be.

He told her, “‘That’s okay. It’s okay to know. I don’t know how it’s gonna happen,’ and then I obviously saw the Red Wedding the other day and it wasn’t just her but the entire Army of the North, and it brutalized uh brutalized me, and the only thing that got me through is being like at least I get to go work with Michelle the next morning. That’s like the nicest thing about it.”

The Red Wedding traumatized Adams in the same way as it did most fans. “… when you take the only group of people that have sense of honor in this show and you murder every one of them, their whole army that’s like pretty hopeless, pretty hopeless situation.”

Adams wasn’t the only one that affected by the Red Wedding after getting to work with Fairley. Meghan Markle explained what she did after watching the episode, “I brought her flowers. I wrote her a long email after I watched it just going I am just blown away. You are a force. It’s amazing.  And then I saw her the next day and I brought her flowers and a card like rest in peace, Lady Stark.”

With the Game of Thrones cast member crossover and previous mentions of the HBO show on Suits, it was only a matter of time before USA released the video references. Check out “Game of Suits.”

Adams has a suggestion about what the show does next, “We’ve referenced Game of Thrones before, so it’s like the whole meta situation of the references. I think at some point Suits is just gonna have to start referencing itself.  It’s the only logical conclusion to this story.”

Suits premieres on Tuesday, July 16 at 10 pm ET on USA. And, Game of Thrones returns to HBO next spring on HBO (minus Lady Stark).

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