The Vampire Diaries won’t return to your television screen until Oct 10, but details are starting to emerge about what the Originals-less series will look like when it’s back. Changes are coming! What comes after High School? College!

Yes, some of the recent graduates will be heading to Whitmore College. While not in Mystic Falls, it’s not too far away for continued interaction between those taking classes and those left behind. This is the same school that Jenna attended. Plus, Bonnie’s grandmother, Shelia, taught a class on the occult there, well before Professor Shane did.

What does that mean? New characters!

Klaus may be convinced he’s Caroline’s last love, but that doesn’t mean she won’t play the field in the interim. Now that Tyler’s been freed to return to Mystic Falls, will he come running back? And, could Caroline have already moved on by the time he makes it back?

According to TVLine, that seems like a possibility as they report that Caroline will meet a new guy at Whitmore described as “Jesse, a hot, smart, confident and disarmingly sweet upperclassman.” Oh la la! Though, their love connection will definitely be complicated, if not short-lived, as TV Guide reports, “He’s not a fan of fangs — for a very good reason.”

She’s not the only one with a new love interest. It seems that Jeremy will be getting into the action too when he meets “smartypants Megan, who attends Mystic Falls High’s 1950s dance and attempts to charm the pants off Jeremy.”

With Jeremy’s loves all dead, it’s time he moved on, though, Megan’s life span may be significantly shortened if she does fall in love with him. While Jeremy won’t be heading to Whitmore yet, he will have to find a creative way to explain his resurrection. And, since Elena burned down their family home, he will be moving in with Damon. That’s going to be an interesting roommate situation.

Another new character will be introduced through Matt and Rebekah’s travels. “Eastern European beauty Nadia, who crosses paths with Matt and Rebekah at a Prague bar — and comes on to both of them?! — before delivering an ominous warning to Stefan about The Originals.”

Could Nadia’s warning be what sends Rebekah to New Orleans to join her brothers and leave The Vampire Diaries¬†for The Originals? It will be a sad day when Rebekah and Matt are forced to part ways. He’s the guy for her, right?

There’s already one fan of The Vampire Diaries¬†season 5 premiere: Kevin Williamson. As an executive producer of the series, he may be biased, but he called it “So awesome.” It’s less than three months until we all get to find out if he was right.

What do you think about the three new characters? Will they make up for the Originals that are leaving? Should Caroline move on from Tyler? Excited for season 5?

The Vampire Diaries season 5 premieres on October 10 at 8 pm ET on the CW.

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