At the end of last week’s episode, Savi came clean with Harry about her one-night stand, her pregnancy and not knowing who the father is. In “Payback,” she struggles to get Harry to talk to her and tries to do something to fix it. 

Meanwhile, Karen’s office is broken into, and she’s positive her computer’s been accessed — is it connected with Thomas’ death? Does someone know the truth? On top of that, April and Miranda butt heads again.

Miranda the Mooch

April writes a check to Miranda, who’s less than pleased with what she gets: 100 bucks. That’s all April says she can afford, which she’ll give in monthly payments. Miranda isn’t interested in a hundred dollars a month, pouring on the guilt trip and knowing that April would probably cave in since she’s a sweet person. 

Eventually, she does give in. I want to know Miranda’s motive, and I want to know it now. It’s plausible that she’s the mistress of April’s dead husband — she knew an awful lot of details. There’s the Internet and Facebook, but that can only take you so far. But there’s definitely something fishy as evidenced by her hiring an actor to play the part of the lawyer a few episodes ago.

This storyline is growing to be quite tiresome. Especially when there’s a hot single dad who wants to spend time with April. Next week, previews show April seeing her husband across the street. Is it possible? Or is she hallucinating?

Breaking and Entering

Just when you thought that the whole Grey family would disappear from Karen’s life, her practice — and her office — gets broken into. It’s hard to think it has to do with anything other than the Greys since she turned in her fabricated session notes and Thomas’ wife wouldn’t be getting the insurance money.

But it seems she’s nowhere to be found because she’s ignoring both Karen and Savi’s calls. After Karen makes a personal visit to her house, the housekeeper lets her know that she’s left the country and won’t be coming back anytime soon.

Back at her office, Karen finds a photo of herself tucked under her keyboard: a photo where she’s clearly not aware of the fact that the photo is being taken. On the back, it’s a note from Sam saying he’s missing her. 

How did Sam get the photo there? Why does he have that picture of her? I don’t know if it was Sam who broke into her office, but if he did, it’s because he knows Karen was his father’s mistress. He was perhaps looking for actual evidence or just wanted to know more about his dad through her. 

Or, Sam knows that it was Karen who broke into his father’s place, and he’s sort of returning the favor. In any case, the probability that Sam knows is very high. 

The Fallout

Savi sure can’t wait for the paternity test to come through before telling Harry about the pregnancy, but she can’t give Harry some time? It’s specifically been two days, and she’s freaking out, not just because he hasn’t come home, but there’s a hot, young hostess at his restaurant. Savi’s convinced Harry’s sleeping with her.

Of course, that’s just a convenient excuse to shift the blame onto Harry, and I’m glad he calls her out on it. Even when the hostess later does offer up her place, Harry reminds her that he’s married — and still married. He’s one of the good guys.

Not knowing how to fix the situation — telling him he’s the father would be a start — Savi believes quitting her job is a start. Again, it’s just a move of convenience. Savi seems super confused over her feelings for Dominic, and not having to see him every single day at the office would make her forget about him, eventually.

She’s desperate to get Harry’s approval to take the new job, but he isn’t giving it to her. Good! Because Savi sees the new job as a promise that their marriage is fine. A job isn’t going to do that, save their marriage.

After being calm on the outside, Harry finally explodes, and it’s quite the moment. I didn’t think Harry had it in him to cry, be angry and be devastated, but it’s all believable, and I feel bad for him for the first time. Right now, it looks like these two might not make it.

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Esther Gim

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