Was Mike going to get out of prison or be the reason he served his full sentence? That was the question for Suits‘ “The Hand That Feeds You,” as Mike decided that he wasn’t going to be the only one who would get released, even with the threat of Gallo looming large. Meanwhile, Rachel and Jessica continued to fight for Leonard Bailey.

Here are all the moves made in “The Hand That Feeds You” that led to the right men getting out of prison, the right man staying behind bars and hope for a man who had been facing execution.

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There Was a Problem with Mike’s Release

Suits 609 1.pngIt was going to take longer than they expected since his deal had been pulled and then reinstated. But Mike knew that the fact that he had informed on someone could be a big problem for him in prison.

Rachel Found a Way to Reopen Leonard Bailey’s Case

Being a paralegal for so long meant she was the best at research and found the precedent they needed. Jessica then got Georgina to “fix” her mistake and sign an affidavit that Maria told her Bailey was with her at the time of the murder — or she could lie under oath it wasn’t true.

When presenting their case to the judge, Rachel mentioned that Georgina hadn’t done an adequate job representing her client, a serious allegation to make. They were willing to do whatever it took to give Bailey a chance to prove his innocence, and the judge said if they could get a successful attorney to admit to a huge mistake, he was ruling the case should be reopened.

Cameron Dennis Came Forward, Refusing to Let Gallo Get Parole

He warned Harvey that he’d play the tape of Gallo’s murder confession at the parole hearing. However, at the hearing, he instead read Harvey’s own words from the sentencing hearing. Harvey had to then argue that Gallo had changed and faced having to swear under oath that Gallo wasn’t blackmailing him to get out of prison.

Mike’s Attempt to Get Kevin out of Prison Led to Cahill Making His Own Threat

Suits 609 2.pngWith Mike threatening to sue Cahill after finding out the man was having all of Kevin and Jill’s assets — including money she had earned before the insider trading — seized, Cahill offered to show him a real abuse of power by taking away Mike’s deal.

He had given Mike immunity for the crimes he committed before he was caught, but his plea agreement stated he’d never practice law again without a license. He had been doing just that behind bars, Cahill argued. Sure, they knew that Kevin and Jill both knew he wasn’t a lawyer, but Cahill was willing to argue it in court for the next two years if Mike didn’t back off and he could end up serving the full two years.  

Mike Knew the Trouble Kevin Would Be in If He Got out, but Gallo and His Cellmate Didn’t

He didn’t sign up to get someone killed, he protested to Harvey. If Harvey wanted Mike to drop his threats to Cahill, he had to get Cahill to get Kevin out too.

Harvey Tried to Appeal to Cahill and Cameron, but Failed

Cahill refused to back down first when Harvey tried to get him to believe that Mike would back down once he was out of prison.

Meanwhile, Harvey’s surveillance plans for Gallo weren’t enough for Cameron to put him back on the street. Instead, he wanted Harvey to convince Mike to do the right thing because what Harvey was doing with Gallo was wrong.

Mike Came Forward as a Witness for Cameron at Gallo’s Parole Hearing

Suits 609 3.pngOnce he told the board about Gallo’s threats and that they were why Harvey was trying to get him parole, there was no way Harvey could swear under oath he wasn’t being blackmailed. Despite Harvey trying to get Gallo to believe he was solely responsible, the inmate blamed Mike as well. But Mike wasn’t worried, he said, since he was getting out.

The Prosecutor Offered Bailey a Deal, But Bailey Wanted to Be Seen as an Innocent Man — and Jessica Helped Make That Happen

Rachel agreed that he should fight, but after, Jessica revealed that she had once lost just this kind of case. After Rachel argued they should give Bailey something worth living for, Jessica tracked down his daughter and told her they found new evidence that he was innocent, evidence she should hear from him before they went to court to prove it.

“I don’t know if you are or you’re not” doing the right thing, Jessica told her client, “but what I do know is when you care about someone, you have their back either way.”

Mike Cut a Deal with Cameron to Get Kevin Out

Cameron put away real criminals, and the person who put away Kevin knew it was worth it to let a drunk driver out if it meant keeping a murderer in, Cameron explained to Harvey. Still, Harvey was worried about Mike because he knew Gallo could get to him.

Mike Told Kevin They Were Both Getting Out …

… But When the Guard Came to Their Cell, He Was Just There for Kevin

Gallo swore he wasn’t behind it, but he was going to take advantage of it. Kevin wanted to stay, but he didn’t have a choice.

Gallo Went After Mike with a Knife — But It Was Part of Mike’s Plan

Suits 609 4.pngAs Harvey found out when he confronted Cahill upon finding out he was still behind bars, Mike asked him to hold off his paperwork until the next morning. And he needed their help to make sure his plan worked.

Mike set a camera up in his cell to capture Gallo’s attempt on his life, and the guards who weren’t in Gallo’s pocket were watching.

Harvey Presented Gallo with a Deal That Kept Him in Prison and Mike Safe

Either he went back to maximum security, where everyone knew he was an informant and he’d be lucky to last a night, or he stayed in Danbury for five more years. If anything happened to Mike, it was back to maximum security for him.

Mike Was Released and Reunited with Rachel

Suits 609 5.png
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