On this episode of Suits, “Turn,” Mike contemplates taking Cahill’s deal, Rachel begins her work with the Innocence Project, Jessica does battle with Stu and Louis meets the woman of his dreams. 

Rachel gets started on her case for the Innocence Project. The man in question is named Leonard Bailey, and he’s been on death row for 12 years for a double homicide. For the past 10, he’s been writing letters to lawyers, pleading with them to listen to his story. So, he’s a bit put out to find out that the best hope he has is a law student, but Rachel convinces him to give her a shot.

Risky Business

Harvey breaks the news to Mike that he has to inform on his cellmate. If Mike can get Kevin to turn on his father-in-law, Mike gets to walk. The timing isn’t great since Mike just had a heart-to-heart with Kevin about his kids and revealed how his own parents were killed by a drunk driver. 

Mike wants to know what Kevin’s father-in-law did, a detail Harvey doesn’t think is important but Mike does. Kevin is Mike’s only friend, and he’s not eager to betray him. Harvey doesn’t care about friendship, Gallo is trying to kill Mike, and Harvey and Cahill are giving him a way out.

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Mike figures that he’s got the Gallo situation under control. He tells Harvey that he figured out a way to get Gallo parole, but Harvey assures Mike that will never happen. Who’s going to vouch for the guy? But Mike thinks that instead of Harvey spending his time trying to get Mike to roll over on Kevin, he should be working on freeing Gallo. Harvey has no intention of ever helping Gallo. 

Mike thinks the plan is risky. He could turn on the one guy he trusts, based on a plan Cahill has that they don’t even know will work. But what Harvey is really offering Mike is a chance to get his life back while it still looks the same. 

Stu and his traders continue to be a thorn in Louis’ (who Stu has taken to calling “Louis Shit”) side. They used his coffee mugs for urine tests, and after bickering back and forth, throwing out terms like “douche stick,” Louis realizes there isn’t much he can do since Stu cut a side deal with Harvey.

Mike heads to work, and thanks to Julius, Kevin has pulled kitchen duty as well. Kevin wants to know what’s up with Mike’s lawyer paying him a surprise visit, and Mike gets cagey. For someone who has been lying to people for quite a while, Mike’s poker face sucks.

Mike does tell Kevin that Harvey couldn’t get Gallo transferred, but Kevin says as long as they stick together, they should be okay. 

Harvey has to buy time with Cahill. Harvey tells Cahill that Mike wants to see the deal in writing. Cahill swears his word is good, and while that’s good enough for Harvey, Mike doesn’t want to risk putting a target on his back only to find out that commuting his sentence really means cutting it in half. Cahill swears there is no risk because nobody will find out, but Harvey points out that’s probably exactly what Gallo thought too, but his snitch status is out in the open.

Cahill figures out Mike didn’t go for it. Harvey’s convinced Mike will come around, but Cahill’s put out after having pulled a lot of strings to get the deal in the first place. Harvey knows Cahill wouldn’t have put this all in motion if it didn’t benefit him. Cahill agrees to give Harvey some time, but if he finds a way to move forward without Mike in the meantime, Mike does the full two years. 

Wolf of Wall Street

While Mike faces his moral dilemma, Harvey and Jessica have a problem with their newest client, Nathan Byrnes. Nathan thinks someone is trying to take over his company because someone is selling off a block of his stock. This doesn’t make sense to Harvey since they bought Sutter’s shares from him. 

Jessica realizes the traders are the most likely culprits. Harvey doesn’t believe they would do that without talking to him, having bought it in good faith. But Jessica is convinced they’re dumping it in bad faith. 

Jessica confronts Stu about dumping Nathan’s stock. Stu argues that it’s technically his stock, and he can do whatever he wants with it. Jessica tells Stu he’s going to buy the shares back, but Stu assures her that isn’t going to happen. Jessica starts to pay the landlord card, but it backfires. Stu knows that the fact the firm had to take on tenants at all means Jessica doesn’t have much of an operation.

As Jessica warns Stu that he has no idea who he’s messing with, the skin-crawl worthy trader asks Jessica out on a date. If she does, just maybe he’ll back off the trade. Jessica can’t enjoy a meal staring down the barrel of a shotgun, so she gives Stu the option of unwinding the trade and then asking her out. After that, Jessica might be willing to give Stu the chance to prove he’s as charming as he thinks he is. 

Jessica may be hot, but not hot enough for Stu to unwind the trade without getting something in return.

The Sting

Mike decides the benefits don’t outweigh the risks. After a brief phone call with Rachel who assures him that things are good between them, he tells Donna to pass along the message that he’s not taking the deal. If someone finds out, Mike may never make it back to Rachel at all. Donna tries to convince Mike otherwise, but there’s no changing his mind. And if Harvey shows up at Danbury in an effort to try, Mike won’t see him.

Donna tells Harvey the bad news, and he decides the best course of action is to tell Rachel. Donna says Harvey can’t tell her. If Rachel finds out Mike isn’t taking the deal, it will tear her apart. Rachel is already feeling guilty that her Innocence Project case has given her something to focus on other than her fiance behind bars. It took a lot of reassurance from Donna to convince Rachel it’s okay to move on with her life. 

Mike’s predicament is killing Harvey. His bestie is sitting in jail instead of him with a guy Harvey put away. He can’t just sit by and do nothing. Donna tells Harvey he has to find another way. 

Harvey goes to Cahill and asks him to go see Mike. The only thing that might get Mike to change his mind is if Cahill pleads the case directly to him, showing him the victims of whatever this guy did. Cahill points out that if anyone sees him go into the prison, the plan is dead in the water, and Mike’s life is worth shit. 

Harvey’s got a plan, but Cahill isn’t going to like it. It involves pulling another string, and doing so before Gallo takes another shot at Mike. 

Gallo decides to give Mike a reprieve, just as long as he makes good on his promise to get him out on parole. If Mike fails to deliver, or screws him on any level, Gallo will finish what he started.

At First Sight

Donna has an idea of how Louis can minimize his interactions with the tenants, hire an architect to reconfigure the offices. A few well-placed walls, and Louis might find the time to focus on something else, like practicing law. 

The architect turns out to be a Grade-A hottie, Tara Messer. Tara is also a lover of the ballet and opera. Louis hires her on the spot.

Tara also gets Louis’ attachment to the bullpen. She seems too good to be true. And you can see the wheels spinning when Tara tells Louis it’s too bad the space is sublet because her firm is looking to expand, and the space would have been perfect. If prune juice and bran bars were enough to get Louis to oust the traders, the prospect of a beautiful lady architect has Louis sprinting to Jessica to declare they have to get rid of the traders. 

Jessica denies Louis’ request, convinced that they’ll just be having this conversation again regarding whoever they replace them with. Why? Because Louis is out of his mind. Louis promises that won’t be the case since he’s in love with an architect.

This doesn’t further his cause. Louis wants Jessica to further antagonize people she’s already fighting with because Louis doesn’t have the balls to ask a woman out. Yep, that sums it up. 

Louis is forced to break the news to Tara that she won’t be renovating his office. But he offers her the opportunity to rent his summer house in the Hamptons instead. Extensive wooing on Louis’ part seems imminent. 

What’s more, Jessica forbids Louis from hiring Tara at all, threatening to throw him off the roof of the building if he does. 

Dead Man Walking

Rachel has gotten a bit carried away with Bailey’s case. After meeting with him, she combed through his case files and is now convinced he is innocent. She runs to her professor who reminds his eager student that her job was to assess his case and present evidence. Just because Bailey’s on the Innocence Project’s radar doesn’t mean representation is a guarantee.

Professor Dunbar is taken back by Rachel’s naivete. She spends 10 minutes with a man and wants to put his case on the top of the pile. 

Rachel shoots back that she just left two boxes of textbook prosecurial misconduct with Dubar’s secretary. Not only is Rachel a bright student, she’s been a kick-ass paralegal at a top firm for years. Dunbar’s impressed with Rachel’s enthusiasm and agrees to look through the material.

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Undercover Brother

Mike collapses in the yard and winds up in the infirmary. Harvey shows up at the prison but is denied access to his client, so he demands to see the warden. Harvey makes a huge scene as he’s led through the prison to Mike’s cell. It’s obvious this is all part of an elaborate scheme.

Harvey questions Kevin if he saw Gallo with Mike. Mike and Gallo had their chat about Gallo’s appeal during lunch. But Kevin doesn’t get why Gallo would poison Mike if the ex-“lawyer” was getting him out. Harvey argues Gallo didn’t really take Mike up on his offer, he just used it as an excuse to get close. Kevin believes maybe it was Gallo’s way of warning Mike what would happen if he failed. Harvey warns Kevin to stay away from Gallo.

On his way out, Harvey encounters Gallo and accuses him of poisoning Mike. Gallo denies it, and the two come close to blows before Gallo is hauled off. 

Outside, it’s revealed that the warden was in on the plan. Everyone needed to believe Mike was unconscious in the infirmary and that Harvey held Gallo responsible.

Mike is off in some secure location. The warden warns Harvey that Mike has a monitor on his leg, and if it goes dark for a second, he’ll make sure Harvey winds up at Danbury in a cell with him. Harvey promises Mike will be back as promised and once he is, Harvey’s getting him out for good.

Mike wakes up in a car with Harvey. Cahill got the warden and the prison doctor to put something in Mike’s food. The only way they could get Mike to change his mind was to get him out from behind bars. 

Harvey drops Mike off at his apartment, hoping a few hours with the woman he loves will sway him. Harvey kept his word and didn’t tell Rachel, even though he believes Mike should.

Mike pieces together a story about the fight with Gallo, being thrown in solitary, subsequently proving he was defending himself, and the prison giving him a few hours of furlough to prevent a lawsuit. A bit of a stretch to say the least. (I’m thinking more and more, Suits should have time jumped and resumed near the end of Mike’ sentence. This whole Gallo thing, and Mike’s continued preferential treatment thanks to Harvey, a corporate lawyer, is getting harder to swallow.)

Jessica finds a way to screw over Stu. She uses her connections to leak information about a merger negotiation involving a company Stu has sunk a considerable amount of change, and the stock is plummeting. Jessica warns Stu not to mess with her again.

Cahill arrives at the firm incredibly pissed off. He’s been waiting at his office for Harvey and Mike for hours. When Donna has no choice but to tell him that Mike’s basically enjoying a conjugal visit, Cahill threatens to do what exactly Harvey told him to, show Mike the innocent people who lost everything because of the guy they’re trying to put away.

Donna gives Cahill the same excuse she gave Harvey for not making Rachel privy to this deal. Mike already chose prison over her once, and she’s not likely to forgive him doing it again. Cahill isn’t interested in shielding Rachel, and in fact, he’s going to make sure to tell her everything. 

Thank God Rachel isn’t as clueless as she’s been pretending to be. Post-coitus, she urges Mike to come clean about what’s really going on. 

Just as Cahill and Harvey are about to come to blows on Mike’s front stoop, Mike emerges and announces that he’s taking the deal. 

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