Caroline got her own radio show! She will be giving advice, but now to strangers instead of just all the other Housewives and their kids. Caroline practices giving advice to Teresa (her friend pretending to be Teresa), who is still not getting along with the Gorgas.

Joe is going to meet Teresa, and I don’t know that it will go well, since they’re both expecting apologies. Joe brought the letter Teresa wrote for reference, or talking points. I’m not even totally sure the problem is between Joe and Teresa, since it seems like Teresa has issues with Melissa and Joe has issues with Joe (other Joe). Teresa also blames Kathy for telling her to put her husband ahead of her brother.

Teresa blames the wedge between her and her brother on Melissa, who is supposedly just after Joe’s money. Joe (Gorga) says that Teresa is the problem. You know who is really good at communicating? These guys.

Teresa’s mad that Joe didn’t congratulate her about her book, and something about Facebook. They bring up every single offense, including the specific wording Melissa used in a card to Teresa. It’s not going well.

Kathy and Rich visit their friends, along with Melissa and Joe. For appropriate dinner conversation, they talk about Teresa and Joe’s “talk.” Melissa’s ready to make things right, rather than re-hash who did what. But Teresa does make for good dinner conversation, when she’s not there.

Teresa and Jacqueline get together to talk about the conversation Teresa and Joe had. Well, it was more of Teresa defending herself to Jacqueline, but that’s how conversations are relayed sometimes. Jacqueline offers up her house as a meeting place for Teresa and Melissa. It’s weird, but why not.

It’s Caroline’s first day as an advice-giver on the radio, on her new show “Caroline Rules.” It starts off awkward, as the show relies on people calling in. The topic is “family feuds.” Caroline’s advice for everyone is basically, “you’re family, make it work.” Straight talk! Oh, and also, work it girl.

Kathy, listening to the radio show, has gained respect for Caroline. One woman calls in with a problem nearly identical to Teresa and Melissa’s. I wonder if Teresa absorbed any of the advice.

Long after the radio show is over, Caroline is still an advice-giving machine, telling Teresa to “put your big girl panties on and do what you gotta do.” Teresa is not worried, though, she is “calm and cool as a whistle.” Whistles are notoriously calm and cool. Melissa must also be channeling a whistle, because she had the wherewithal to bring wine for Jacqueline. Just for hosting a fight!

Next week, Melissa and Teresa will fight it out, and they may only agree that “Joe” is a good name for a husband.

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