It’s never a huge surprise when a Bachelorette ends the season with a ring on her finger. After all, isn’t that the point of the show? But after four weeks of watching Ashley Hebert fall for, get dumped by and continually cry over America’s Next Top Scumbag Bentley Williams, it’s seemed unlikely that this season’s Bachelorette would leave the experience even remotely happy, let alone engaged.

That is, it probably seemed that way if you haven’t been reading the spoilers and tabloids, the latter of which are finally catching up to the former and reporting that Ashley is, in fact, engaged to the winner of the show. So, while we’ll have to deal with at least two more weeks of Bentley blues, at least there’s a happy ending on the horizon!

More details from those helpful anonymous “insiders” about the engagement, plus everything else swirling around the Bachelor rumor mill, right here:

More on Ashley’s (Alleged) Engagement: “Ashley’s elated,” an insider reveals to Life & Style. “She’s engaged to the winner and is wearing her engagement ring.” That would be a ring from Neil Lane, the official sponsor of all Bachelor engagements, of course.

The final rose ceremony happened in Fiji, and a witness tells the mag, “There’s a beautiful terrace perched at the end of the island where you can see the sunset, the perfect place for a proposal. It would be hard not say yes if someone proposed to you there.”

And as for Ashley’s (not-so…) mystery fiance, L&S‘s insider says, “He said, ‘I’m in such a great place in my life and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.’ He’s the sweetest guy, and he’s very sensitive. He had his heart broken in the past, but he loves being in a relationship, and he and Ashley have great chemistry.” We won’t know for sure until the Bachelorette finale, but that sounds like an accurate description of rumored winner (and fan favorite) JP Rosenbaum. It sounds like Ashley may finally come to her senses and fall for the guy we’ve all been rooting for!

Emily Maynard Wants to Be the Next Bachelorette: That’s according to US Weekly, who claim she is talking to ABC about it and really hoping they let her do it because she “wants to be a star.” I’m not buying this story (even though Emily is live blogging this season for ABC) because that’s all there is to it. “She wants to be a star.” Well, mission already accomplished. Plus, can you really imagine proper single mom Emily macking on one guy after another week to week?

Reality Steve Reveals the 3 Bachelor Pad “Mystery Men”: The three guys from Ashley’s current Bachelorette season who will round out this cast of villains, vixens and ex-fiances when the show returns August 8 are… roast master disaster William Holman, running man Ames Brown and dentist Blake Julian. After watching his articulate and charming date with Ashley this week, I’m a little disappointed that Ivy Leaguer Ames would stoop to appearing on a show that revolves around “hook up rooms” and pie-eating contests. Sigh.

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