Last night, we saw 27-year-old Cody Green from Surrey, Canada being hailed the winner of the debut season of Step It Up and Dance.  The alumnus of Juilliard School emerged as the successful of the four remaining contenders, with Michelle Camaya, Nick Drago and Miguel Zarate. Cody, who has extensively worked on stage, is set to appear as Nick Hoffman in the feature film Center Stage 2 and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Now that he has bagged the prize of the final call back and $100,000 cash, one of our judges has something to say about Cody and the rest of the dancers who have successfully made it to the final 12.

Jerry Mitchell, our resident Broadway director and judge on Step It Up and Dance, recently shared his thoughts about the past season and the contenders who did their best and pushed forward for the win.

First and foremost, he spoke of his thoughts when he first met Cody, who is now crowned as season 1’s winner.  Jerry told Bravo, “When Cody walked into the auditions in Los Angeles I turned to everyone at the desk and said he would win.”

And win, he did. In fact, it was Jerry who first saw Cody’s potential as a dancer.  He continued to say “It was clear from the very first time I saw him dance.  He was the one person in a sea of many that demanded me to watch him.  I knew that thing, that special quality would take him to the finish line and it did.”

Nonetheless, Jerry still believes that this batch of talent has got what it takes to eventually make it big in the entertainment industry.  He also had a few things to say about the other dancers.  In fact, he felt that Michelle Camaya, better know as Mochi, “had a real chance at the prize.”

As for runner up Miguel, Jerry says that his auditions were one of the more memorable ones.

“I also remember the first question I asked Miguel when he sat down for his interview at the auditions.  I asked him what was that huge chip on his shoulder?” Jerry recalls.  “In the process of this show I have gotten to know Miguel, and I have learned that his heart is huge.  He is extremely talented and original.  He is also trying very hard to make sure we all watch and listen.  This show has given him a chance to watch and listen to others and by doing so he has grown.”

So far, this season has been a huge success and Jerry has found a liking in the top four and the rest of the dancers.

“All 4 of the tremendous dancers have enriched this experience.  I have watched all of them grow,” he says. “I have been reminded on several occasions just how hard it is to be a good dancers, a great dancer and how committed you must be to your craft and art if you want to succeed on any level.”

Moreover, Jerry hopes that he would get a chance to work with the top 4 in the future, saying, “It has been a pleasure to be here with them, to protect them, to guide them.  It has been a pleasure to dance with them.  I look forward to working with all 4 of you in the future!”

Fans on the other hand are looking forward to another fun-filled season of Step It Up and Dance on Bravo.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Bravo
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Valerie Del Castillo

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