New ABC drama Station 19 premieres tonight, March 22, after Grey’s Anatomy. The spin-off is the second offshoot in the Grey’s Anatomy family, the original being Private Practice. The new series centers on a fire station in Seattle, WA. Fans of TGIT dipped their toe into the world of Seattle’s firefighters during a recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy

Pop the popcorn, pour a drink, and grab a fire extinguisher because this spring Thursday nights on ABC are getting ready to heat up. So, what can fans expect from Station 19? From the looks of things intense workplace relationships and lots of sex. Or, the usual Shondaland shenanigans but with first responders in as the vessel instead of doctors and lawyers.

In Seattle, firefighters are trained EMTs and the crew at Station 19 is second to none. In the first episode Andy Herrera’s father Captain Pruitt is injured during an apartment fire. Her budding friendship with Grey is a blessing in the series premiere ‘Stuck’. After her father’s injury, Herrera proves she’s ready to assume command of the station.

Out of the Hospital into the Fire 

Rookie Ben Warren walked away from medicine. He left Grey Sloan Memorial to become an EMT. Since Grey Sloan Memorial is just three blocks from Station 19, fans should expect the doctors and first responders to travel between the two fictional workplaces frequently. Two of the characters at Station 19 already have connections to Grey’s. Dr. Bailey’s husband and former doctor Ben Warren has plenty of friends from GSM. Andy Herrera already made fast friends with Dr. Meredith Grey. In the second hour of the two-hour premiere, Andy and Jack must figure out a way to work together in Captain Pruitt’s absence. 

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What’s Coming Up this Season on Station 19 

ABC and Executive Producers of Grey’s Anatomy are keeping future crossover events and guest star details close to the vest. At the time of this publishing, the only confirmed guest star is Marla Gibbs of The Jeffersons and 227. Gibbs’ storyline is scheduled for multiple shows. If you’re a fan of Shonda Rhimes, expect plenty of drama and relationships in this fast-paced series. The spin-off gives fans a look at emergencies from a different angle. Alberto Frezza plays a Seattle police officer spoke to the LA Times about the different elements of the show. “You get the best of both worlds,” Frezza added. You get to see what doctors do and how they respond to calls and now you get to see firefighter and how they live their day to day lives, not only in work environment but also on a personal note.”

Meet the Station 19 Family 

Andy Herrera (Jaina Lee Ortiz): The daughter of Captain Pruitt has plenty of spunk. When her father is hurt in a fire in the pilot episode she sets out to prove she can fill her father’s shoes in her absence. 

Ben Warren (Jason George): Ben is married to Dr. Miranda Bailey the chief of surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Before Ben became a firefighter on this Grey’s Anatomy spin-off he performed surgery beside his wife and friends on Grey’s. 

Maya Bishop (Danielle Savre): In addition to being an Olympic Gold Medalist, Maya Bishop is Andy’s ‘person’. In other words, she’s Andy Herrera’s the Christina Yang. 

Ryan Tanner (Alberto Frezza): Ryan is a Seattle police officer and Andy’s high-school sweetheart. The two grew up together. Andy, Ryan and Jack could form the show’s first love triangle. 

Lt. Jack Gibson (Grey Damon): Lt. Gibson isn’t sure whether he wants to be the bane of Andy’s existence or spark that ignites the passion in her life. 

The ensemble casts also stars: Capt. Pruitt Herrera (Miguel Sandoval), Victoria “Vic” Hughes (Barrett Doss), Travis Montgomery (Jay Hayden) and Dean Miller (Okierete Onaodowan). 

The two-hour premiere of ABC’s Station 19 airs March 22 at 9/8c. For more news on what is likely to be your new favorite show, check out BuddyTV’s new fan page here

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