In the season 3 premiere of Shadowhunters, titled “On Infernal Ground,” Jace, Clary and the rest of the Shadowhunters begin a new phase in their lives after the death of Valentine. While Jace and Clary deal with the secret of Jace’s resurrection, the group tries to hunt down a possessed man working on behalf of Lilith, Sebastian’s mother.

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A New World Without Valentine

In the wake of Valentine’s death, Clary assimilates to her new life as a freshly anointed Shadowhunter while still hiding the secret of Jace’s diving resurrection. While Clary settles in to her new life, Jace is trying to escape the pain of his past and the remnants of destruction that Valentine left in his personal wake. Izzy is given the honor of helping Clary with her signature angel weapon and must constantly skirt the questions as to what really happened when she killed Valentine.

Magnus, since lending her support to the Shadowhunter-Downworlder war, has been ousted as the High Warlock of New York and is now spending his time pursuing more lucrative ventures. With Magnus a little wayward, Alec informs him that he has been offered a prestigious position with The Clave that would require him to move to Alicante. Though the distance should be a deterrent, Magnus remains steadfast in his love and commitment to the relationship. Though it takes some digging, Alec finds out that Magnus might not be as okay as he once thought about being ousted and that he may be even less okay with Alec’s possible move to Alicante.

Simon, still separated from the rest of the group, is tethered to the fairy world by the Seelie Queen and her fascination with his ability to walk in the daylight. The Seelie Queen fashioned a spear to mark Simon with a mark that would have killed anyone but him. Simon begs to leave the fairy world and is eventually given furlough to return home, with his mysterious new mark in tow. As soon as he returns, Maya gives him the third degree and Simon comes clean about being in the fairy court. 

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Lilith Enacts Her Revenge

Picking up mere moments after the season 2 finale, Lilith lies standing over the body of her dead son Sebastian, Clary’s brother, vowing to bring her son back to her and vengeance to those who have wronged her.

Luke is dealing with the fact that his partner is now privy to the fact of the supernatural lying just under the surface in New York City. They investigate a murder committed by a possessed nurse, who had come in contact with Lilith the night before in the infant ward. After hearing the peculiar death, the Shadowhunters try to join the hunt for the once-nice nurse. 

While on patrol, Luke’s partner comes across the possessed man, who runs away from her with lightning speed. After getting him at gunpoint, she ends up shooting him multiple times in the chest and is almost attacked, until she is saved by Luke in werewolf form. Clary comes in the nick of time and attacks the man right as a demon burrows out of his body. Clary destroys the demon, and as it burns to ash, Lilith screams at the death of one of her children. As his partner lies in a hospital bed, Luke finally comes clean. 

As result of his resurrection, Jace is now plagued with demonic nightmares of Sebastian and hears his voice ringing through his ears, telling him to kill Clary. And though Jace and Clary are finally in a place to be together, the voices in his head keep a wall up between them. While they focus on hiding their secret, Lilith further plots her vengeance by sitting out to find her followers.

Did you think Alec would move to Alicante? What do you think that mark on Simon means? How long do you think Jace can keep his own secret from Clary? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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