For my own sanity, there are two types of movies I try hard to avoid: horror remakes and anything created solely for the Sci Fi Channel.  Remakes of classic fright flicks are usually rather abysmal, and the Sci Fi Channel has brought us films with such titles as Android ApocalypseBoa vs. Python and S.S. Doomtrooper.  The network is known for spitting out weekly B-movies with no regard to quality, though every now and then they create something worthwhile.

What would happen if the Sci Fi Channel decided to produce their own horror remake?  We’ll soon find out.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network is planning a reboot of the 1984 Stephen King film Children of the Corn, which starred Peter Horton and a pre-Terminator Linda Hamilton.  The new version will feature David Anders (Heroes‘ Adam Monroe) and Kandyse McClure (Battlestar Galactica‘s Lt. Dualla) as an unlucky couple who find themselves stranded in a creepy rural community.

The original Children of the Corn isn’t exactly an untouchable cinematic classic, but it is undeniably creepy and spawned a whopping six sequels.  The characters of Isaac and Malachai, who are two of the children in the demonic cult the couple runs into, are perhaps the most memorable part of the original movie.  In the remake, young preacher Isaac will be played by eight-year-old Preston Bailey (Cody on Showtime’s Dexter), while rebellious Malachai will be played by Daniel Newman, formerly of NBC’s Surface.

The two-hour TV movie, which is currently shooting in Iowa, centers around Burt (Anders) and Vicky (McClure), a couple who is having serious marital problems.  Burt gets the bright idea to take a second-honeymoon road trip, but things take a turn for the horrific when they enter a seemingly deserted rural community that contains a dark secret among its rows of corn.  Anyone who has seen the 1984 film or read the original Stephen King short story can guess what happens from there.  The remake is being written and directed by Donald P. Borchers, who has a long history of producing C-level horror fare.

I must admit that the cast of this movie has me curious to see it, though I’m fairly certain it’ll be terrible.  I’ve been a fan of David Anders since his days on Alias, and I’m still crossing my fingers that his Adam Monroe will make a return appearance on Heroes.  As for McClure, she’s never been given much to do on Battlestar Galactica, so it could be fun to see her take on a lead role as a horror heroine.  Battlestar Galactica finished filming its final episodes earlier this year, so let’s hope this is the first of many new roles for the actress.

Children of the Corn will air on the Sci Fi Channel sometime in 2009.

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