October 1 is fast approaching, with half a month to go before Friday Night Lights turns on the spotlight on their highly anticipated third season.  This time, the critically acclaimed series’ third installment will first air on DirecTV beginning on the said date, as a result of a deal between the company and NBC.  TV Guide’s Matt Roush reminds fans that this move is a “survival mechanism” for the show to land a third season without getting cut.

“If it works, maybe we’ll see more examples of this kind of partnership to keep struggling shows from dying too soon,” Roush explains.  “Even for a cost-efficient production like this, NBC/Universal alone couldn’t justify renewing the show without a partner, so DirecTV stepped in, figuring it would enhance their brand while also giving them a quality exclusive with an established (albeit small) fan base.”

Meanwhile, EW’s Michael Ausiello on the other hand, reports that the third season of Friday Night Lights has “has recently shot several flashback sequences that will help fill in the considerable gap between seasons 2 and 3.  For starters, we’ll see firsthand how the Panthers ended their season and what led to Smash’s choice of colleges.”

While this is something to look forward to, we also have E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos, who says that Matt and Julie will be spending some more time with each other, while Landry will musically bond with a bassist named Davin Corrigan.

Late last month, Michael Ausiello also reported that the role of Cash has been filled, with soap star Zach Roerig playing the character of a local rodeo star who attracts Adrianne Palicki’s Tyra.

“Tyra in the past eight months has [realized] that, while she loves Landry, she kind of feels like he’s not really The Guy,” executive producer Jason Katims explained.  “So it becomes a story about ‘Are they going to be able to be friends? And will Landry be able to accept that?'”

Catch Friday Night Lights as season 3 debuts on DirecTV beginning October 1.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: EW, E! Online, TV Guide
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Valerie Del Castillo

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