The relationship between Skills and Deb is one of the most interesting storylines in One Tree Hill‘s sixth season.  Their coupling started off as a bit of a joke, but the last two episodes have proven that they actually have true feelings for one another.  Whether you love the couple or find their canoodling completely creepy, you have to admit that they make an interesting pair.

I have a chance to interview actor Antwon Tanner tomorrow, and of course I’ll be asking him for his reaction to his character’s hot and heavy romance with Deb.  In addition, I also want to ask him some questions from devoted One Tree Hill fans.  Antwon has been a part of the OTH family since the pilot episode, and this is your opportunity to get the scoop on Skills.  If you have a question for Antwon, submit it in the comments below anytime before Thursday at 10am PST, then check BuddyTV on Friday for the complete interview.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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