I honestly don’t know where to begin. The second season of Sons of Anarchy kicked off with a very disturbing plot involving Gemma’s rape and it concluded with a cliffhanger that has left me mourning with a very heavy heart. Going into the finale, I wanted SAMCRO to exact revenge against the League, and satisfyingly, the show did just that—only payback turned out to be even more gruesome than what I expected. 

With internal club matters temporarily set aside, the last episode of Sons of Anarchy shifts its focus on the war between SAMCRO and the League which has been roasting to perfection for several weeks now.  Zobelle and Weston are released from jail since the testimony against Weston about his involvement with the Caracara fire doesn’t hold up, while the FBI is willing to bail Zobelle out as an informant against politicians and other powerful players attached to his business. Once out of prison, Zobelle immediately calls the Mayans for protection while Weston arranges for a cop-monitored bonding session with his son at the tattoo parlor.

When Weston brings his son to the tattoo parlor’s toilet, though, he sees Jax, Opie and Chibs are already waiting for him, and realizes what’s about to happen. In a pitiful scene, Weston tells his son that he loves him, and to say nothing to the cop when he leaves the room. Jax then promptly shoots Weston, marking the first body count of the episode.

Meanwhile, the mess involving the IRA becomes aggravated as Cameron orders his son Edmond to kill Agent Stahl. However, killing Stahl is easier said than done. Stahl manages to take the gun from Edmond, who manages to escape from the room before Stahl impulsively shoots and kills him. And that accounts for dead body number two.  

Accidentally killing Edmond is just the tip of the iceberg though. When Polly discovers Edmond’s dead body, she carefully takes out her gun, unaware that Gemma is right behind her. Gemma shoots Polly dead (body count number three) and the whole thing is witnessed by Stahl, who allows Gemma to escape but not before confiscating Gemma’s gun. Now, Stahl is twisting the truth by pinning the death of Edmond on Gemma.

I love Stahl but I never thought she could do so much damage. She first made it look like Opie was an informant, consequently leading to the death of Donna, and now, she’s using Gemma as her scapegoat.  

Unfortunately for Half Sack and Tara, Edmond immediately seeks revenge by holding them at gunpoint and holding a kitchen knife above baby Abel. The moment is petrifying as Edmond stabs Half Sack’s stomach (body count number four) while a helpless Tara watches in awe.  

Jax arrives to save a tied up Tara and then tries to chase Cameron, who now has Abel, but to no avail. Season 2 ends with Jax crying over losing his son to his enemy, Zobelle still at large, and Gemma running off with partner-in-crime Unser for the death of Polly, and also for a murder that she didn’t commit.     

As shocking and disturbing as it is, series creator Kurt Sutter did an excellent job wrapping up the season with a big cliffhanger that only tells us that the end is just the beginning of something even more gripping.

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Kris De Leon

Staff Writer, BuddyTV