In this week’s episode of Sons of Anarchy, “Greensleeves,” Jax finds a use for Juice. Gemma’s paranoia about Jax finding out all her secrets continues to grow. Nero want out of Diosa. Jax is convinced he has a way to get Marks out of the way for good. And someone finds out that Gemma killed Tara.

Big shocker! Young Abel is becoming slightly maladjusted. Since standing over his little brother threatening anyone who encroached with a hammer, things have only seemed to go downhill. Mama Wendy voices her concerns to Gemma, but she’s so strung-out wondering if Juice sold her out to Jax, she’s not exactly with it.

The Heat is On

Gemma tells Wendy that Jax has Juice and now Wendy’s concerned as well. Gemma, who looks like utter crap, offers to take all the heat and offers Wendy the chance to split. Wendy’s not going anywhere. She’s wormed her way back into her kid’s life and is in good with Gemma.

Jax’s Secret Stays Safe

Unser tells Jax that Eglee is awake. He says she has no intention of telling who was there as long as the AB don’t have her in their sights. Jax promises she’s golden. That being the case, Unser says her memory will remain vague.

Juice’s fate, which was all but assured at the end of last week’s episode, has taken a different turn. Or, maybe it’s just delaying the inevitable. Jax has arranged a way to get to Lin in jail thanks to Tully and fall-guy Juice. If Juice fails in his task to kill Lin, then Tully will take him out.

A New Mark

Jax has been conveniently disposing of foes and obstacles, or so he believes, all season. Now he’s got his sights set on Marks, strictly because Marks isn’t behind Jax’s vendetta against a man who didn’t even really kill his wife. What Gemma has set in motion is staggering, and the only thing more disturbing than watching Jax operate on misinformation is what promises to be the fall-out when the truth comes to light.

Jax gives a speech at the chapel about how grateful he is to his MC brothers for helping him. His vengeance is personal, but they’ve all allowed it to infiltrate, and even negate, what’s in the club’s best interest.

After the meeting, Unser, unaware of the arrangement between Juice and Jax, tells him about Juice shooting at some CHPs.

Out to Pasture

Nero realizes he’s no longer vital to what’s going on in the streets. Since his relationship with SAMCRO started, they’ve done nothing but bring him grief. He’s been in hot water with the Triad and the Mayans, and all his hookers got gunned down. He tells Gemma that he wants to buy his uncle’s farm and sell Jax his part of Diosa. Nero wants to take his son and Gemma with them. Gemma says she can’t go — more like can’t let go. He asks her to think about it.

Gemma’s shaky and twitchy, and it’s obvious she’s unraveling, but it’s happening slowly. She’s constantly catching breaks, biding her time. Her first concern is Jax, but she’s been showing vulnerability and remorse through her conversations with Tara.

But, Nero. He’s become so broken. He’s the one who breaks down. An old dog who hasn’t kept up to date on all the new tricks. Now he just wants to lay on the porch and enjoy the cool shade.

Their love for each other is not the problem. Gemma has distanced herself from everyone she truly cares about because of what she did to Tara and all of her subsequent actions. She doesn’t feel she deserves happiness, and truly, she doesn’t. The great matriarch could be the last one standing, but if she does survive, she’ll be a shell. There is no happy ending in sight for her.

Freshly Pinched Juice

Unser tells Gemma that Juice is in County. He also says that he could tell Jax and the boys already knew he’d been picked up. Gemma’s main concern is if Juice ratted her out, but Unser doesn’t know. He is aware that they are working Juice.

Gemma tells Unser he doesn’t have to leave. She hugs him and clings on for dear life. She tells him she doesn’t want anyone else to leave her.


Jax has decided to get to Marks through his public housing deal. He visits Loutreesha and Grant. He informs her that he knows her husband is dead and that Marks killed him. He couldn’t have asked for an easier person to manipulate. The woman is a drug addict.

The MC put the pastor’s body on Pope property. But they want Loutreesha to sign a statement that Marks threatened her and her late husband. This is the leverage Jax needs to go up against someone with far more resources. He convinces Grant that going to the cops will only get them killed. For a bunch of bikers, these guys are masters in the art of war. Jax makes them believe that the threat of losing his empire will keep Marks at bay and what is left of their church intact. It’s what he’s counting on for himself, that everything he’s painstakingly built will hold if he has something to hold over Marks’ head.

Turns out that Loutreesha’s being blackmailed by a pimp with some incriminating footage of her husband with young men. Here come the outlaws to save the day. The man in question goes by the name of Greensleeves.

Greensleeves the Blackmailing Pimp

Jax and Chibs track down Greensleeves with some help from Nero and a prostitute with a colorful vocab named Winsome. They get the phone with the footage of the pastor. Like every other idiot who looks like he’s going to escape with his life, Greensleeves mouths off, which causes Jax to put him through a window.

The Beginning of the End

Rat Boy and Happy tell Gemma that Jax needs her at the cabin. He wants her to help out with Loutreesha, but her paranoia, along with his cryptic message that it’s a mother-son issue, has her convinced the jig is up.

She stops by the house to throw some things in a bag and try to figure out how she’s going to get out of this mess. She starts to freak out and winds up confessing to murdering Tara to young Thomas. No biggie, except that Abel is standing at the doorway. Out of the mouths of babes.

After having Wendy put out an SOS to Nero, Gemma arrives at the cabin. She’s so scared, not realizing that these stoic bikers are quaking in their cuts at the thought of pissing her off.

Jax meets up with Tyler and gives him a copy of Loutreesha’s statement. He instructs Tyler to take it to Marks and set up a meeting between the two men. Jax plans on bringing the Mayans but keeping the Niners as his secret weapon.

Marks bails on the meeting, sending his head of security with a little gift instead. 

Sons of Anarchy airs Tuesdays at 10pm on FX.

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