Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Jealousy is as common a motive as greed, and in the fifth episode of Sleepy Hollow season 2, “The Weeping Lady,” Ichabod finds out that the latest terror to hit the town comes from none other than a woman from his past.

However, that’s not the worst of it. It turns out that the list of secrets Katrina has kept from him over the years just keeps getting longer and longer. Meanwhile, Ichabod and Abbie turn to Nick Hawley for a weapon to deal with the Weeping Lady, and Henry’s latest move earns him a scolding from Moloch.

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Ichabod Loses a Friend

“Betsy Ross herself would envy your handiwork, Miss Caroline,” Ichabod praises as he gets his latest delivery of clothes. Caroline thinks that he’s just very dedicated to Colonial Reenactment, which is why he never breaks character and she finds his “way of life” inspiring and attractive. He’s quickly put in an uncomfortable situation as he has to explain that he’s married, made only worse by Abbie walking in. Caroline makes her escape faster than she could ever sew a button on his coat, leaving Abbie amused and Ichabod very much not. “Anyone could tell that girl had a case of Crane on the brain,” Abbie points out, but he has been distracted by everything on his mind.

Ichabod being Ichabod, he insists on going to see Caroline face-to-face to apologize like a gentleman instead of sending a text like any modern-day person would. “A missive composed by thumb cannot adequately convey emotions,” he argues, and adding an emoticon would just make it worse. He’s incredibly sweet as he tells Caroline he wants to put the past behind them and be friends since he has so few in town and they share a love for the colonial way of life. After he leaves, she finds the Weeping Lady waiting in her living room, and the next day, Abbie and Ichabod begin investigating her death.

They find her coffee mug and tire tracks from teenagers visiting the town’s Lovers’ Lane, at which time Abbie finds out that Ichabod had something similar back in his day. If similar means not at all similar, that is. Ichabod’s Lovers’ Lane was a route on which a couple walked hand-in-hand, with their parents following to avoid impropriety. When they track down the couple, the guy tells them they saw the Weeping Lady.

Ichabod Nearly Loses Abbie

Abbie only remembers that legend says the Weeping Lady was the ghost of a woman who drowned and had been jilted by her husband or lover, so they head to the library to research. Ichabod receives a letter Katrina sends by raven to let him know she’s okay, while Abbie has a run-in with Hawley, who has decided that “forewarned is forearmed,” so he’s reading up on monsters. He even offers to help them out next time, on the house.

His time to help comes sooner than he thinks it will because Abbie ends up in the Weeping Lady’s clutches right there in the library, dragged into her watery portal, and while Ichabod does manage to pull her out, it’s Hawley who gives her CPR.

The Truth About the Weeping Lady Revealed

“Water-logged, but back in action,” thanks to the “mobile doctors,” as Ichabod calls the EMTs, Abbie is able to provide a clue about the Weeping Lady. She tore off a piece of her shawl, and Ichabod recognizes it from a woman he had been promised to, Mary.

It’s just one uncomfortable situation after another for Ichabod in “The Weeping Lady,” as flashbacks show Mary and Katrina meeting and then Mary thinking their “mutual agreement” to break off their engagement had just been to spare her the worry of him getting wounded in battle. She blamed Katrina and expected him to come to his senses, but the following day, he received a letter apologizing for her behavior and stating she was returning to England.

The pattern has emerged: Mary is a “literal green-eyed monster,” going after the women closest to Ichabod. That means Katrina is in trouble, especially since her letter fell into the portal (and holds up pretty well in the water) when Ichabod saved Abbie.

First, Ichabod and Abbie stop by Hawley’s digs, and while he considers them even since he saved her life, he does offer a weapon, originally Van Helsing’s, that should work against the Weeping Lady. That’s as much as he helps, however, as he sends them off with a “Happy hunting.” By the time they get to where Headless is keeping Katrina, it’s too late, and the Weeping Lady has her, so they hurry to the river, which Abbie had seen while in the Lady’s clutches.

Katrina manages to use her magic to get away from Mary and out of the river, but in order to counteract Henry’s magic that had to have been used to raise her, she needs to use dark magic to send Mary’s soul to a better place and needs an anchor. With no witches around, that job falls on Abbie, while Ichabod tries to hold off/reason with Mary. He fails, as does Hawley’s weapon, but Katrina’s spell works just in time. When Ichabod asks Mary what happened to her after her letter, she uses her last moment to point to Katrina.

Katrina tries to blame Mary’s jealousy before admitting the truth. Mary had written her a letter to meet the day they met, and when they did, she accused Katrina of tempting Ichabod and turning him against her. She refused to let her take him away, and in the end, she lunged at her and fell, hitting her head. Mary died there and never returned to England. Katrina sent Ichabod that letter so he wouldn’t carry the blame and go home to bury her. She couldn’t risk him not returning because the mission is “too important,” but this is just another secret she has kept from him.

Later, Ichabod tells Abbie that their duty must be to one another before anything or anyone else. “Marriage is difficult on the best day, but without trust, without honesty, how can a union between two people hope to survive?” he wonders. Is this setting up the beginning of the end of Ichabod and Katrina’s marriage?

Will Katrina Warm up to Abraham?

In the beginning of the episode, Abraham tells Katrina that her only chance in the coming apocalypse is by his side, and while he wants her to make her choice willingly, he isn’t going to wait forever.

Later, Katrina must intervene to stop Abraham from killing Ichabod upon finding them after they deal with the Weeping Lady. She tells him that Ichabod saved her life, and if he truly cares for her like he says, he’ll repay him with his life. “I am ready to go home,” Katrina tells Abraham and leaves with him. It’s particularly interesting to see the Horseman headless from Ichabod’s perspective and with his head from Katrina’s.

Then, back at the house, Abraham denies working with Henry to raise Mary and shake Ichabod’s faith in her, insisting he only went to the river because he feared for her safety. She thanks him before he leaves. Is that a sign?

Henry Angers Moloch

Henry seems to be a bit too consumed with doing anything in his power to make life difficult for his parents. He even tells Abraham, “I relish any chance to cause my parents pain,” but his latest move, raising the Weeping Lady, lands him in hot water with Moloch.

“I want the witch turned, not dead,” Moloch tells him. “She is one of the Hellfire shards. A chosen vessel. …You do not plan. You do not think for yourself! You are a soldier. A soldier’s duty is to obey!” Moloch’s not happy with Henry’s actions, but Henry does succeed in causing his parents pain.

What did you think of this glimpse into Ichabod’s past? Do you think Henry will listen to Moloch or do something else to hurt Ichabod and Katrina? What do you think of Nick Hawley so far?

Sleepy Hollow season 2 airs Mondays at 9pm on FOX.

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