Ready for more twists on FOX’s  Sleepy Hollow? Executive producer Mark Goffman teased that another hopefully “suspenseful” surprise is coming at the mid-season finale during New York Comic-Con when he and Sakina Jaffrey chatted with reporters.  

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Check out the video interview with Mark Goffman and Sakina Jaffrey:

Here are a few highlights from the interview:

  • Goffman thinks the character of Henry was a “fun” “mastermind” and wanted to do more of that in season 2. “He’s in every one of the first 11 episodes,” he reveals. “Getting to have a character who thinks so far ahead and is so brilliant is a lot of fun to craft and weave into our story.”
  • Goffman wanted Ichabod and Abbie to “get a little bit more ahead of the game” in season 2 after season 1 was about catching up to this crazy world.
  • “As crazy as it is or became in season 1, it gets crazier and they try to get a jump on that” in Sleepy Hollow season 2.
  • Jaffrey says that Reyes thinks she’s taking care of the community and Abbie and Jenny.
  • Jaffrey likes “playing these very ballsy women.”
  • She praises the hard-working cast and “smart” writers.
  • Jaffrey wants the fans to know that her character thinks she’s doing the right thing and she’s on a mission “that has merit” like everyone else is.
  • “I think that introducing her as somebody who’s not in that world also gives us an access for the audience,” Goffman explains.
  • The fact that Reyes knew Abbie and Jenny’s mother will factor into the rest of the season.
  • Will we see any more horsemen of the apocalypse this season? “Two’s a lot,” Goffman says. “So I feel like let’s explore them for a while.” However, remember, “we are ramping towards an apocalypse.”
  • Goffman hopes that they surprise viewers “with the way this apocalypse plays out.”
  • They came up with Henry’s twist early.
  • “We know how [season 2 is] going to end,” the EP promises. “We knew before we started the season, so getting to plan that really helped us lay in these Easter Eggs throughout the season.”
  • Goffman teases “another surprise coming at our mid-season finale in December.”

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Sleepy Hollow season 2 airs Mondays at 9pm on FOX.

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