What does Donal Logue think of his Gotham character, Harvey Bullock? The actor addressed that and more, including what he thinks of the city itself and what having Jim as his partner means for him, at New York Comic-Con.

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Check out the video interview with Logue:

Here are a few highlights:

  • “Once you’re just a straight-up bad guy, and there’s no redeeming qualities, then it’s boring for you, it’s boring for people to watch, but I think even in the comic book universe, Harvey Bullock at times came up and saved the day in a big way. It was just, he was a complicated guy.”
  • When he reads the Gotham Central books, he thinks the guy is “really an asshole.” “He’s certainly non-PC, and that’s almost to an extent where that’s the universe we can’t present at 8 o’clock at night on television. What makes it easy too is that what I do is kind of dictated by the scenes that are coming down the pipe that we get. They kind of tell us which way that scene’s supposed to go, where my relationship with Gordon is at.”
  • “Bullock probably is more of a comic foil than he is in other worlds.”
  • He has added a couple of lines here and there.
  • “[Gotham is] like any big city…with that deeply ingrained culture of old school kind of criminal elements and Mafioso types, and so he goes, ‘sometimes you need to work with some of those families to stop someone else who might be dirtier and darker.'”
  • “He’s a good embodiment of the different colors of Gotham.”
  • Harvey’s primary motivation is “what’s the best interest of Harvey Bullock, survival mode.” He’s seen Jim Gordon types come through and crash and burn, and seeing Jim reawakens something in Bullock. “It changes Bullock for the better.”

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