On this week’s episode of The Lying Game, everyone has relationship troubles and all mysteries lead back to Annie Hobbs.

Justin (Randy Wayne) Has Something to Hide

At her mother’s request, Laurel (Allie Gonino) sets up a dinner date between her parents and Justin’s but Justin claims his parents had to go out of town and they have to cancel. Laurel decides to surprise Justin at his house but when she arrives at the correct address, Justin does not live there. Justin eventually reveals that his parents died three years ago and he has been living on his own ever since.

Eduardo (Rick Malambri) Warns Mads (Alice Greczyn)

Mads learns that Eduardo quit his job and is leaving town. Before he goes, Eduardo tells Mads that he feels something for her but that things are more complicated than she knows and the situation is dangerous. It turns out things are even more treacherous than Eduardo realizes and he winds up in the hospital after a supposed accident.

Char (Kirsten Prout) Lands a Date with a Bad Boy

A new guy (Derek) goes to extremes to impress Char and everything seems great until Derek starts to spy on Emma and reports back to Alec (Adrian Pasdar). Is there anyone in this show who is not tied up in the mystery of Annie Hobbs?

Love is Complicated

Ethan (Blair Redford) ends things with Sutton (Alexandra Chando) so he can pursue a relationship with Emma (Alexandra Chando) but when Ethan finds out Emma kept a secret from him regarding Sutton’s relationship with Thayer, Ethan breaks up with Emma, as well. Though she and Ethan are over, Sutton is not ready to take the next step with Thayer so he calls it quits and returns home to Phoenix. When Ethan runs into Thayer later on, Ethan punches Thayer for sleeping with Sutton. And thus, both boys prove that they are just as immature as their age would suggest.

Sutton Finds Annie

Thanks to Thayer’s help, Sutton uses old packing slips to track down an address for Annie Hobbs. Sutton manages to slip past the security at the psychiatric hospital and spots her birth mother through the glass window in Annie’s door. But before Sutton and Annie can officially meet, Sutton gets dragged away by an unseen foe.

On the next episode of The Lying Game, Emma thinks someone is watching her and things look bleak for Eduardo.

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