In recent days, FOX has released a whole bunch of Fringe videos in a series entitled “FRINGE: Past + Present + Future.” Each of the videos is designed to give the viewer a refresher (or even introductory) course in some aspect of Fringe‘s complicated past. Well, the final six (!) videos are up, and one of them even gives a glimpse of where everything is headed.

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With the exception of the very last video, you don’t exactly need to watch these in order. But it might help keep things clear — or at least as clear as can be expected from Fringe.

“Over There”

The video focuses on the attempt to drag Peter home from the Other Side, along with all of the messiness that resulted (like Bell dying and the Olivias getting switched).

“A Double Agent”

Uh oh! Fauxlivia trouble! Also moral quandaries and corporate inheritance.

“The Journey Home”

In which Peter figures out exactly who he’s been sleeping with, Olivia and Broyles plot her homeward trip, Broyles dies and all Olivias go back to where they should be.

“Facing Destiny”

This video shows how thoroughly upset Olivia got about everything while Peter worries more about that whole saving/destroying the universe thing. That’s smart, since Fauxlivia’s baby got the alternate Doomsday Machine going.

“The Future Is Now”

What’s it like 15 years in the future? The universe is falling apart, Walter is in jail and everything is generally a mess. On the plus side, Peter and Olivia had gotten married. This would be good if Walternate didn’t shoot her. Oh well.

“A Different Choice”

And it ends with this. Mostly, it’s footage from the season 3 finale, focusing on how Walter and Peter figured out the First People’s Machine’s origins and how Peter managed to bring the universes together — thereby negating his existence.

But at the very, very end? There is one short scene of new footage: Olivia blindly passes by the Observer and one of his cronies. As the odd bald man put it, “Much has changed.”

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Fringe returns to FOX on Friday, September 23 at 9pm.

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