Castle and Beckett’s plan to keep their romance a secret was busted before they even made the plan. Not a surprise, it was Martha that figured it out first when she saw Beckett in her son’s bedroom “the morning after.” The couples covert actions were for naught.

Despite Martha figuring it out and Castle’s decision to tell Alexis, Beckett was adamant that they continue to keep the secret from everybody at work. She was fearful that if the Captain found out, she would finally get rid of Castle from the department.

Of course, that can’t happen because then there is no Castle. Well, I guess Beckett could turn to private investigating with Castle as her sidekick. But, then of course Ryan and Esposito would have to join too. Yeah, it’s not going to happen!

The murder case of the week ended up being not one, but three separate incidents spanning over a decade. In Castle fashion, it was confusing with plenty of twists to keep me guessing.

The Case of the Murdered Wonder Twins

Beckett and her team got called to investigate the murder of Wendy Dupree. Before she died, she left a clue smeared in her own blood, “LIE,” which of course got Castle into his puzzle solving mode.

The case led them on a curious path of clues. Wendy stole money to win a storage unit auction, which turned out to be the message she left in her blood. It was “317,” rather than “LIE.” In order to preserve the evidence, Castle spent his money and more to win the auction in Storage Wars fashion.

They found nothing of use in the storage unit, but Castle won favor with the Captain by giving her the Gemini doll he found. Gates being nice to Castle was weird. I’m glad that by the end of the case, she was back to her Castle-hating self. Though, it did provide a nice plug for the Frozen Heat book.

Two days before Wendall was murdered, his employer’s house was robbed and a $2,000,000 bracelet was stolen. That’s definitely motive for murder. They tracked down Wendall’s accomplice in the robbery, but the safe he stole from Wendall’s storage unit was empty.

So, where was this valuable bracelet? The owner was dealing with financial difficulty and the robbery provided her with the solution to her problems with the insurance settlement. Castle and Beckett searched her home and found the bracelet. It never left the house.

Wendall was killed for a bracelet he didn’t even have. What did Wendall steal then? Castle figured out that the answer was in the Gemini doll. It was an item the Wonder Twins had from their childhood and the answer was inside. So, Castle did what Castle does and shattered the collectible doll. Only it was Gates’ doll, not the doll from the storage unit. Oops.

Inside the correct Gemini doll, they found a flash drive and a glass eye. With that evidence it all came together. Wendall had been researching the car crash that killed his parents and found the driver. It was the butler!

The butler killed the Wonder Twins’ parents by not calling for help, then killed the kids to protect his secret. Yep, the butler did it!

Castle and Beckett’s Secret Romance

At work, the couple’s romance is supposed to still be a secret, but with their apparent affection for each other I can’t believe nobody knows or at least suspects the truth. They almost kissed in the middle of the office, then instead they had the most passionate hand shake in the history of the world.

Ryan, Esposito, and Gates have to be blind not to notice that. Instead, I believe they are leaving the couple alone, as they should. Though, Castle came close to overstepping when he answered Beckett’s phone and went into her drawers.

The outcome of that was an extremely heartfelt moment. Beckett’s story about the figure in her drawer was touching. Her honesty with Castle and his reaction show why they belong together.

The Best Father-Daughter Pair on TV

I adore Castle’s relationship with Alexis. He cares about her so deeply and is as perfect as a father could possibly be. I’m glad that he told Alexis about his relationship with Beckett, though I was surprised that she would have a problem with it.

It wasn’t Beckett that Alexis was having difficulty with, rather it was her leaving her home for college. Even though she is only five miles away, they would no longer be under the same roof sharing ice cream, playing laser tag, or bonding over monsters under the bed.

Good luck, Alexis!

Do you think anyone at the police department knows the truth about Castle and Beckett’s romance? If yes, who and why aren’t they¬†acknowledging¬†it? I’d love to hear your theories in the comments!

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