This week on Bones, Brennan’s potential presidential run intertwines with the current case of a dead pet expo worker. She’s not planning on running this year, obviously, she says. Meanwhile, one couple breaks up.

President Brennan?

It has a good ring to it, wouldn’t you say? Political fever appears to have hit Brennan, as it’s a running theme throughout the episode.

I love her reasonings as to why she’d be a great president:

–She’s brilliant.

–Has a profound depth of knowledge about the evolution of government.

–Excellent knowledge of the criminal justice system. “I have an impressive conviction rate, too.”

–Empathizes with struggles of the working class. “I worked several minimum-wage jobs on the run.”

Booth has to spoil all the fun by asking her: Being on the run for three months? Where’s that?

As president, she’d suspend the licenses of reckless drivers — due to the driver who tried to get out of a ditch but had trouble because of the dead body in it. She would also ensure that every American gets good dental care — because the victim had bad teeth. The private sector would get incentives to increase hiring — because the pet expo where the victim worked employed minimum-wage workers.

Bringing Them Down

Her position to run for Commander-in-Chief becomes rooted even more firmly thanks to the latest case involving a dead man who the Jeffersonian finds out was poisoned — by a tiger. Not just any tiger, but a purebred, which is a felony. Overall, it’s a bigger story about the trafficking of wild animals for money. 

The pet expo organizer had shot the victim after finding out the tiger had scratched him, thus getting poisoned. If the victim had gone to the hospital, they would’ve figured out the poison was from the purebred, and the expo organizer would’ve been doomed. So he put matters into his own hands. Kinda literally.

When the organizer shot the victim, a tiny piece of the victim’s body part landed on the shooter — and he was poisoned, too. Brennan figures this out during questioning when he sniffles. Turns out, one of his fingers is all red and puffy. 

Brennan’s reaction to finding the tiger — a beautiful, rare creature — shot and killed and left to rot is heartbreaking. Earlier, she had told Booth she wasn’t even planning on taking Christine to the zoo because they’re caged up all day. 

For the record, if Brennan’s president, killing tigers would carry the death penalty.

Calling It Quits

Sweets doesn’t exactly live up to his name in this episode. I’m not sure if another woman giving him a little kiss last week had anything to do with not wanting to move in with Daisy — I’m guessing no on that one. 

After all, the plan to live together would’ve been in the works for awhile now, and it’s only when Cam clues him in does Sweets start to see what it would mean for Daisy if they moved in together. Because apparently, he never took a moment to think if there was meaning to this next move — even though that’s what, you know, psychologists do.

What comes after moving in together? Marriage … baby … it doesn’t even have to be in that order. So Sweets turns to Booth, who lives with, has a baby with, but isn’t married to the most logical person Sweets says he knows — Brennan. It was a big deal when they first moved in together. A very, very big deal. 

I’m not the biggest fan of Daisy, but I thought she and Sweets were in for the long haul. But he doesn’t just tell her he can’t move in with her; he breaks up with her, too. Did Sweets see Daisy as someone he could date — for a long time, too — but not spend the rest of his life with? Why didn’t that come up ever before? Wouldn’t it have saved both a lot of trouble and time?

Daisy also doesn’t look as shocked or upset as I expected her to. It’s as if she knows it was the right thing to do and doesn’t want to admit it.

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Esther Gim

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