I say that because–and I’ll never get tired of admitting this–I’m pretty much the So You Think You Can Dance newbie around here.  While I’m feeling pretty good about my rooting for Caitlin and Jason’s alien condom routine two nights ago, I still think I have miles to go, at least with my dance knowledge.  It’s funny asking Abbey about what “lines” mean, to be honest.

So there’s a little problem when the folks at SYTYCDism–as always, and again, ridiculously early–got their hands on some spoilers for the show’s 100th episode, which airs on July 23.  And by spoilers, I don’t mean the bit with Katie Holmes performing for the Dizzy Feet Foundation, because let’s face it, we all knew that already.  And then they start talking about old routines from seasons past, and I start having a Michael Scofield-type nosebleed, because I don’t know what they’re talking about.
Thank you, YouTube.

So this spoiler article is extra special, because it’ll also be a crash course of sorts for me, about memorable routines for the past season.  And, to be honest, I’m giddy.  So I’ll be posting the YouTube clips below, perhaps give my judgment, but don’t trust me on them–I’ll absolutely have no idea who I’m talking about.  That’s where you come in.  Correct me, teach me, aid me, approve me, whatever.  Just don’t bash.  It takes guts to admit stuff!

Now that personal rambling bit’s done, the first bit comes from season 2’s Travis Wall, who said he’s filming one of his routines with fellow finalist Heidi Groskreutz: the bench bit, which gave Mia Michaels an Emmy.

My only background is Randi and Evan’s “butt dance” last week, which was also a Mia piece, and I finally get what you guys are talking about when you call her a contemporary genius.  Aha, yes.  Nigel was right–it’s one of those rare routines that touch you.  And I literally felt pain after watching this.  My heart!

The second bit is a report that season 3’s Jaimie Goodwin will also be taping another classic routine, with Hok Konishi.  Yep, the hummingbird bit, another Emmy-winning one, although this time for Wade Robson.

Now this one’s pretty… fluid, as Debbie Allen said.  It’s pretty complicated but it looks effortless, with both getting the characters–Jaimie the flower, Hok the hummingbird–just right.  But bah, I shouldn’t be judging it too much.

The final bit is word that the Ramalama group routine will be taped specially for the 100th episode, too.  Travis will be there, as well as Ivan Koumaev and Allison Holker, both also from season 2.  Can I just say I like the song here?  I sooo love Roisin Murphy.

Now that’s vampire-themed, with a hint of Tim Burton-ness.  I think this routine was Wade’s, too.

Whew.  That was a pretty long spoiler article–but forgive me for learning along.  I’m expecting a few more details coming out as the weeks come by, and it’s shaping up to be a pretty good 100th episode–a hit for long-time fans of the show, and for newbies like me, well, I think I’ll like it, too.

– Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: SYTYCDism
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