From the start of Big Brother 11, I’ve been rooting for Jeff towin it all.  He was my pre-season pick and the fact that he was so darncharming all season long only cemented the deal.  But that all changedafter I watched last night’s episode.

Now, I’m hopping on the Michele train, because that slightly crazylocomotive is going full steam ahead.  In last night’s episode of Big Brother 11,Michele proved she’s got game by not only winning the Power of Veto(which she also did the last time she was nominated), but by absolutelycrushing the competition and plotting to save Jeff at the same time.

As much as I like Jeff, he essentially gave up after losing the PoV.  But it was Michele who helped point out to him that he could possibly stay in the house, if they could convince either Natalie or Kevin to evict Jordan instead.

I’m unclear if this possibility simply never occurred to Jeff or if he was too much of a gentleman to go ahead with it, but Michele had no problem breaking down the logic of it, and it makes total sense.

Next week, there are only two ways to ensure your safety: win HoH or win PoV.  If Jeff goes, then it’s Michele, Natalie and Jordan competing for HoH, and Jordan has proven she’s not even remotely up for a challenge.  She took more than two minutes longer than anyone else during the PoV competition, and her physical strength is even worse.

However, with Jeff still in the picture, Michele can be confident that he would want to target and break up Kevin and Natalie, so now she would have the two winningest HGs both competing for HoH and PoV to ensure that either Natalie or Kevin goes home.

Sadly, Kevin has proven repeatedly that he’s too chicken to do anything ballsy like go against Natalie and evict Jordan over Jeff, so Michele’s plan is probably doomed.  But at least she’s trying, and now that she’s almost at the final four, it looks like Michele decided to stop playing the emotionally unstable lonely girl and start putting that Ph.D. to work.

So for all those reasons and many more, I’m throwing all my support behind Michele.  As Kevin observed last week, it’s impossible to tell whether she’s telling the truth or lying because, up until now, she kept all of her gameplay in her head, which is probably why I couldn’t see just how brilliantly she was playing Big Brother 11.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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