To be honest, picking up a calendar and marking out (with a pen!) the dates and times when the So You Think You Can Dance audition episodes will air causes quite a headache.  This time, I think, some will happen at this time and then, the following week, it flips a bit.  So thank you for the press release, Fox; I can easily list them down.

We’re kicking off a fresh new season in less than a week–already, can you believe it?–and, of course, it all begins with the auditions.  As you may very well know, Nigel, Mary and the rest visited Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Phoenix and Salt Lake City in the past months, sometimes in between shows last season, to look for new talent, and maybe meet old ones that didn’t quite make it before.  And that all begins this Wednesday, September 9, from 8pm.

Pretty much, auditions will air on Wednesdays from 8pm–that’s seven weeks’ worth of auditions, with the Top 20 being announced on October 21.  But for two weeks, there will be two audition episodes, airing on Tuesdays.  That’s on September 30 and October 6, both from 9pm.  Yeah, I figured that’s a bit complicated, but now I realize it isn’t really that complicated.  Especially when you list them down!

Audition episodes:
September 9, Wednesday, 8pm
September 16, Wednesday, 8pm
September 23, Wednesday, 8pm
September 29, Tuesday, 9pm
September 30, Wednesday, 8pm
October 6, Tuesday, 9pm

Las Vegas episodes:
October 7, Wednesday, 8pm
October 14, Wednesday, 8pm
October 21, Wednesday, 8pm

Unfortunately, I don’t know which city they’ll be starting in.  Not yet, at least.  But hey, at least we have a new season to work with, and while I’m sad that Jeanine won’t be America’s Favorite Dancer for long, I’m still willing to be mesmerized all over again.  Starting next week, in fact, when I trawl through the audition names I found…

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– Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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