This eviction episode of Big Brother 11 can end one of two ways.  Either Jeff is evicted as we all assume, or Michele miraculously convinces Kevin to evict Jordan.  But there’s really only a Snowball’s chance in a CAT scanner of that working (kudos to anyone who gets that reference).  No matter what happens, Michele’s position on Big Brother 11 was elevated this week by making moves in both competitions and her interpersonal strategy.

Will Jeff go, and who will be the next HoH with a guaranteed spot in the finale three?  Let’s find out live, on Big Brother!

Well, if you’re like me and trying to watch in the Tri-State area, your attempt to watch tonight’s Big Brother episode was thwarted by the Jets and Eagles playing a football game.  Unless the half-time act features the Baha Men singing “Who Let the Dogs Out?” in honor of Michael Vick, I honestly don’t care.

The vote was tied, and Kevin was forced to cast the tie breaker vote which he used to evict Jeff.

HoH Competition!
It’s the random guessing game where the HGs must predict whether a statement about an evicted HG’s post-house questions are fact or fiction.  There’s absolutely no way to know these answers, so it’s all a huge lame guessing game.

After seven questions, it was a tie between the three ladies, leading to another tie breaker.

In the saddest outcome possible, Natalie finally wins a competition, becoming the new HoH.

Making matters worse, after winning, she gloats and screams out that she will get vengeance for Chima.  So not only did Natalie drink the Chima Koool-Aid, she went back for seconds.  Why would anyone play for that nutjob?

On the bright side, Michele doesn’t great at PoV competitions when the pressure is on, so there’s hope that she wins and evicts the crap out of Kevin.

This week is different.  On Tuesday, we get live PoV competition, ceremony and eviction, plus the start of the final HoH triathlon.  Then on Thursday, we get another eviction.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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