The remaining So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation dancers gave it their all and treated us to some emotional and heavy performances. Once again, most of the dancers were amazing, and the bar is being set higher every round.

There were plenty of tears when contemporary dancer Jordan Wardick and ballroom dancer Jake Monreal saw their dreams of winning the title end when they were eliminated. I hate it when the kids cry!

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We are down to six dancers, so who is excelling on stage, and who is likely to leave So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation? I have some thoughts on the matter.

The Best of the Night

Many of the performances were deep and emotional. Ruby Castro, who is 12 years old, partnered with Kida Burns for a magical contemporary Mandy Moore routine. The number is about the plight of the world today, and how we have to help each other. Both dancers were outside their comfort zone, but they managed to create a stunning performance. Ruby was graceful and elegant with her lines. Ruby also danced a Paso doble with All-Star Paul, and it was filled with drama and lovely shapes. Based on these performances, I think Ruby will be safe.

Contemporary dancer Tate McRae continued to shine in both of her routines. She danced with All-Star Kathryn for a Travis Wall contemporary piece about a woman trying to connect with her birth mother. The performance was excellent and profoundly moving. Tate paired with Emma Hellenkamp for a Broadway number choreographed by Sean Cheesman. I don’t think that this routine was strong, and it was jarring in parts with all the gymnastics. I still think Tate will be safe for the next round of competition based on her contemporary dance.

Kida Burns, who is 13 years old, brought everyone to tears with his dancing in the contemporary piece with Ruby. While he seemed uncomfortable for a split second, Kida quickly got into the performance and wowed everyone with his partnering and all the emotions he displayed in the piece. Ruby and Kida received a standing ovation, and this routine was my favorite of this round. I was less impressed with Kida’s bee-themed hip-hop performance with All-Star Fik-Shun. I couldn’t get into this number, and it fell flat for me. The judges all loved it, though, and I think Kida will definitely be sticking around.

Who is in Danger?

Resident cutie J.T. Church, who is 10 years old, performed a cha-cha with Tahani Anderson. The routine, which was choreographed by Emma Slater and Sasha Farber, was a bit of a let-down. Since both Tahani and J.T. were so out of their element, all the stylistic flaws were glaring. J.T.’s jazz piece with All-Star Robert was a real crowd-pleaser. It was fun and entertaining, but I feel like the connection between Robert and J.T. was lacking. All the judges loved it, and praised the chemistry between J.T. and All-Star Robert. I think J.T. may have trouble collecting votes because his routines were overshadowed by other pieces that resonated more with viewers. 

Hip-hop dancer Tahani Anderson had some trouble when she danced a cha-cha with J.T. Their performance seemed stiff and lacked energy. Tahani hit the floor with All-Star Comfort for a NappyTabs routine that dealt with the repercussions of a man leaving his wife and daughter. There was a freestanding wall on the stage, and the duo danced the beginning of the routine separated by the wall. Although it was moving, I feel that the first part of the piece hindered the connection between Tahani and Comfort. I believe Tahani may be in danger because other performances grabbed all the attention.

Tapper Emma Hellenkamp, who is 10 years old, paired up with All-Star Gabby for an Anthony Morigerato old-school tap number. It was fun, fast and furious, but I somehow was left wanting something more. Emma teamed with Tate for a Broadway routine about naughty kids in detention. I feel that this piece lacked connection, and also showed some flaws in Emma’s technique. These problems could spell trouble for Emma.

Who is Going Home?

In the end, I predict that Tahani Anderson will be eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation. Tune in next time to see if your favorite dancer will continue on in the competition.

So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation airs Mondays at 8pm on FOX.

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