It’s getting down to the wire on So You Think You Can Dance.  Last week. for the Top 10 performances, all of the dancers had to change up their partners.  For some, it proved to only further them in the competition, like Katee and Will.  For others, it became a struggle that exposed their weaknesses, like Kherington and Mark.  Though it may not be clear who the winner will be this season, it is starting to become obvious who will land in the bottom group at least for this coming week.  After weeks of watching the contestants dance and gotten to know their personalities a little better, it’s safe to say that I’ve chosen who I want to throw my support behind and hopefully, watch win this whole thing in a few weeks.  Read on to see if you agree and post your thoughts, too!

8. Comfort Fedoke

I think it was a shock to all of us when Kherington went home instead of Comfort last week. Comfort still landed in the bottom and I don’t picture her surviving this week. The other three female dancers in the competition have proven to have more diversity. I do think Comfort shines when doing hip hop but to me, all of her solos have started to look the same.

7. Mark Kanemura

Mark is in an unfortunate position right now. I think Mark is really interesting to watch and he definitely brings something different to the competition. The problem is that, right now, he’s up against 3 other guys who don’t seem to be going anywhere just yet. It seems that this week will be Mark’s last on the So You Think You Can Dance stage.

6. Courtney Galiano

It’s a real toss-up between Courtney and Chelsie this week. They both seem about even to me but since Courtney has landed in the bottom more than Chelsie, she gets the lower rank this week.

5. Chelsie Hightower

Chelsie and Courtney have both have truly great moments this season. They’re not the breakout stars of the season, though, and that’s where they’re in trouble. Both have made it to their goal, I’m sure, by making the tour. Only one of them can go final 4 and for this week, I’ll throw my support behind Chelsie.

4. Twitch Boss

Twitch started off strong but we started to see his weaknesses in the last week or two. I was surprised that he landed in the bottom last week Twitch definitely has the fan base after getting so much camera time last season. I love his solos but something shifted the week that he and Kherington did their krump and tango routines. The tango didn’t impress me and he’s had a few less than stellar dances in a row. I think he’ll go before Josh and Will, which I’ll get to in a minute.

3. Katee Shean

Katee has pretty much been nothing but brilliant this season. For someone who seemed like she was ready to give up in Vegas, she has thrown herself full force into the competition and has given every routine 100% every week. I can’t think of a time that she didn’t impress me and I’m still YouTube-ing her hip hop routine from week 1. I fully expect to see that and her Bollywood routine on the tour. She will and should be the last female dancer standing this season.

2. Joshua Allen

Josh was very lucky this season, being paired up with Katee for the first half. The two worked very well together and, as I’ve already said, have performed several memorable routines. Josh has been more consistent and more impressive in paired dances than Twitch, though Twitch will always get my vote when it comes to solos.  Josh, to me, was a longshot in the beginning and has proven to be one of this season’s frontrunners.  Pretty impressive.

1. Will Wingfield

Will winning this competition will make up for the fact that Danny Tidwell lost last season. Will is clearly the best technical dancer this season. He’s also way more likable than Danny was in season 3 and has shown that he can excel in any style of dance. I believe that Will landed in the bottom because of Jessica early on, which was unfortunate but now that he stands on his own, he should be able to dance his way right to the finale. If Will doesn’t win, I’ll cry – there, I said it.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV