Big Brother 10 is taking a somewhat irksome path.  There are beacons of hope, chances for redemption, but things could get ugly over the next few weeks.  Not ugly inside the house – in-house clashes are exactly what viewers want – but ugly in terms of inevitability.   Tonight’s episode of Big Brother was completely unsurprising and devoid of suspense.  Big Brother, even without suspense, is still enjoyable for simple voyeuristic purposes, but it’d be nice if there was some uncertainty.  With Jessie as the new Head of Household inside the Big Brother house, there was a chance for outside the box thinking.  Despite not being a true alliance enemy, Renny is a thorn in Jessie’s side, and was a potential nominee.  In the end, however, Jessie toed the party line and put a couple of the outcasts up on the block. 

Jessie is a Fan of Jessie

One of the major themes of tonight’s episode was Jessie’s high opinion of himself.  When his HoH room was unveiled, the vast majority of his pictures were of him shirtless, flexing, or him just “looking cool.”  Needless to say, the sane members of the house were greatly annoyed.  Jessie also likes to openly, and loudly, refute claims (whether real or not) that he is dumb.  He said more than once that he’s not just muscles, but also has brains.  He cited the fact that he can beat people in chess as the main example of this.  I don’t care how good at chess you are, if you’re annoying you’re annoying. 

Wine Plugs

The food competition was pretty fun, involving a huge vat of wine that players had to plug up with specialty plugs hurled into the vat by designated throwers.  Jessie, by virtue of his HoH, didn’t have to participate.  The team of Libra, Memphis, April, Jerry, and Renny ended up losing to the others.  Afterwards, Libra and April threw a fit, very upset at the prospect of another week on slop.  Keesha relished in their unhappiness.

The Inevitable 

Jessie listened to a pitch from Dan, but it did no good.  Jessie went with the team (Libra and April were very clear in telling Jessie not to nominate Renny, despite him wanting to) and nominated Steven and Dan.  The reasoning was that they were Brian supporters.  If one of them wins the veto, Angie will almost certainly go up as a replacement.

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