Jessie, the professional body builder, is Head of Household.  My guess is that this will be the last time a sentence like that will be recited during Big Brother 10.  I don’t expect Jessie to make a lot of genius plays as the HoH.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s too early in the Big Brother game to make great plays.  At this point, you can only set yourself for failure.  But, I get the feeling that Jessie will over-play the game, think of himself as a mastermind, thus torpedoing his chances later in the game.  Tonight, we’ll see what the bodybuilder does with his nominations.  I’ll be here throughout the episode, giving my live thoughts as the action comes along. 

I missed Andy Rooney today!  Shoot.  If anyone saw his nonsense, let me know what his spiel was about today. 

Yep, it’s the loooong recap of previous episodes.  Renny’s outfit the other night was pretty funny.  I also can’t believe that Jessie won. 

Dan is OK with his decision to still vote for Brian last episode. Ollie is really gung ho about him and Ollie.  I find that a little peculiar.  It’s kind of a silly couple.  Ollie will end up being too cool for her.  Libra is pumped Brian is gone.  Jessie tries to talk some smack – it’s weak stuff.

They trick you on Big Brother.  They really do.  This recap (which isn’t really a recap) has gone on for about ten minutes now.  No one is happy about Jessie winning the HoH.  Keesha hates April, which makes me happy.  I hope Keesha joins up with Angie and Steven and Dan. 

Memphis is buddying up to Jessie, quite wisely, actually.  Memphis is going to rely on Jessie, it seems, which I think is a good decision.  Angie kind of hates these people, the Jessie people.  Dan believes he’s going up, thought so the second Jessie won HoH. 

April and Libra discuss who to put up, even though they aren’t HoH.  April, that wench, despises Angie, somewhat inexplicably.

We see Jessie’s HoH room.  There’s a bunch of body building pictures and Jessie is obnoxiously posing in most of them.  Jessie, as Dan so eloquently put it, loves Jessie.  Steven decided not to humor Jessie by checking out his HoH room.  Jessie is offended. 

All the Jessie sycophants head up into his HoH room and argue Jessie out of putting Renny on the block.  He really hates Renny, but everybody is insistent on putting Steven and Dan up.

Slow, tinkling piano music plays.  That means its sad life story time.  Jerry talks about how his wife has Parkinson’s and he will never put her in a nursing home.  They’ve been married 54 years.  Man, you gotta just love Jerry, right?

Next, Dan talks to Steven about being gay.  Dan has never really known a gay person.  Dan’s a much better person than CBS made him out to be.  Steven gives a very well spoken monologue about what it’s like to be gay while growing up. 

Angie goes upstairs to talk to Jessie, and Jessie gives her a lot of crap for aligning with Brian. 

Jessie is so incredibly annoying.  He’s making my brain hurt.

Memphis and Keesha talk about dogs.  Keesha is obsessed with her dogs.  She is crazy about her dogs. 

Food competition time.  This is some serious time filler.  The food competition goes on for about fifteen minutes of screen time.

I’ll just say this.  The food competition involves colored corks, huge vats of wine and a variety of silly tasks.  Keesha, Libra, Memphis, April, Jerry, Renny were the losing team, and are now on slop.  Everyone else gets to eat.

Libra and April are really really pissed off about being on slop.  They get angry and are starting to tear each other apart.  Keesha is happy about it.

Dan tries to get Jessie one on one before nominations, but fails.  Memphis talks about how his dad died when he was 15.  Sucks.  Memphis, humbly telling sad stories, will endear himself to everyone.  Maybe Brian was right – Memphis might have this thing.

There’s really not much drama here.  Prior to nominations, Dan gets Jessie’s ear, tells him how it is, but it’s futile. 

Jessie does the obvious, and nominates Steven and Dan.

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