Well I was definitely blindsided by this episode of America’s Best Dance Crew 2. I would never have put either A.S.I.I.D. or Super Cr3w in the bottom, much less both of them. I was really disappointed that this match-up sent A.S.I.I.D. home. While they sometimes had technical issues, they were so entertaining, and I feel like the show lost one of the more interesting crews when their banner fell.

This episode was surprising in another way too. I would have thought that an episode centered on Janet Jackson, a dancer with such strong signature moves who also makes great dance songs, would have generated much more exciting routines. But as each crew noted they wanted to live up to her standards, maybe her precise and controlled style was actually more of a constraint. The routines were overall fairly strong, but I felt like no crew truly cut loose and brought the wow factor. Nevertheless, I’ll try to pick some Best and Worst performances.


For me, the one performance that stood out the most was SoReal Cru. There were some moments that seemed a little muddy, but overall, theirs seemed to me to be the most polished and complete while still capturing some of the sexy Janet vibe. I felt like the whipped cream thing was a little over-the-top and unnecessary, but the actual choreography was very well-done and the girls, especially, just did a really beautiful job.


Once again, I hate labeling someone’s performance on America’s Best Dance Crew 2 the “worst” because it makes it sound like the performance wasn’t good. But really, it’s just a question of relativity, and to me, in relation to the other performances, the majority of the Boogie Bots was just not quite as exciting as the other crews. That said, their little evolution tableau at the end was genius, and I think it’s exactly that spark of clever thoughtfulness they need to extend to the rest of their routines in order to start gaining more ground. I’ve felt from the beginning that these guys are almost there and that they are right on the verge of figuring out how to make their crew as exciting as a crew like Fanny Pak or Super Cr3w can be when they are on top of their games.

As to the other crews, I felt like they all did a solid job, but this challenge just somehow did not generate quite the same level of creativity as the others. I’m hoping next week’s America’s Best Dance Crew 2 challenge theme will give the crews the chance to push the envelope in their routines.

– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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Staff Columnist, BuddyTV