So You Think You Can Dance is back, baby! It’s time for a new crop of dancing hopefuls to hit the stage and show their talent. This episode will show the try-outs in New Orleans and Chicago.

Our resident judges, Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy, will be joined by guest judges for the audition rounds. Actor, singer, and comedian Wayne Brady will sit in for the New Orleans round, and Jenna Elfman will watch the Chicago try-outs.

There is also a new element of the show, with pop star Justin Bieber presenting dance crews that fans can vote for on Twitter, with the winning crew appearing on the So You Think You Can Dance season finale.

So who has the talent to impress the judges and win a ticket to callbacks in Los Angeles?   Let’s find out. First up is the Big Easy.            

Which Women from New Orleans Are Going to L.A.?

Shelby Rase: This 18 year-old starts the show off with a bang. Talent runs in the family, and her Dad comes down to demonstrate the “bottle dance,” which defies description but is utterly hilarious. She punches her ticket to the next round.

Tanisha Belnap: This enterprising young ballroom dancer from Utah is from a large family and even sewed dance costumes to pay for her studio lessons. Mary comments on how she is a sexy dancer, and Nigel is also a fan. She clinches her ticket to Los Angeles.

Megan Marcano: This contemporary dancer has been on her own since she was 12- years old. She earns raves and a ticket to L.A. Her performance is my favorite of the night.

Brooklyn Fullmer: This ballroom dancer performed with Marquet, and they both get a ticket to L.A.

Which Men from New Orleans Are Going to L.A?

Trevor Bryce: This 18 year-old from Florida has a unique style which is sort of a blend of ballet and crump. Nigel says it is one of the best solos in the history of So You Think You Can Dance. That is high praise, indeed. He is off to the L.A. round.

Novien Yarber: He tried out last season, and made the difficult decision to try out once again. He doesn’t even get a critique, just an offer of the much coveted L.A ticket.

Marquet Hill: He danced with Brooklyn Fullmer, and this steamy ballroom duo make it to the call-backs.

Which Men from New Orleans Are NOT Going to L.A?

The Dancing Dads: The “bottle dance” Dad challenges another Dad to a dance-off. Sadly, their professional dance careers end here.

Caleb Brauner: This young man auditioned last year In Memphis, and Nigel called his father down to the stage. Their dance together was a treasured memory, especially since his father passed away in December. He advances to the choreography round, but fails to secure a ticket to L.A.

Shelby “Skip” Skipper and Shane Skipper: These brothers are New Orleans Bounce dancers. Their energetic routine wins Skip a chance in the choreography round, but he decides to withdraw.

Courtney Barnes: He has personality to spare and a killer Wendy Williams impersonation. That alone wasn’t enough, and he is sent to the choreography round, where he fails to get a ticket.

Jacobi Jimerson: This 18 year-old has ballet and jazz experience, and he is also a Zumba instructor. He says that Wayne  cannot handle his class, and Wayne takes to the stage to prove him wrong. Although he clearly loves dance, he doesn’t have the dance chops to make it to L.A.

Dance Crews

Next up, Justin Bieber and choreographer Nick Demoura introduce two dance crews who are competing for your Twitter votes, and a shot at a performance in the So You Think You Can Dance finale.

Poreotics: This group from L.A. blends popping and robotics. You can vote for them at #SYTYCDporeotics.

Chloe Arnold’s Syncopated Ladies: This all-female crew from the East Coast are tappers.  You can vote for them at #SYTYCDladies.

The Chicago Auditions

Now we are off to the Windy (and very cold) City, and Jenna Elfman (actress and former ballet dancer) takes her place as a guest judge.

Which Men from Chicago Are Going to L.A?

Nick Garcia:  This 18 year-old Latin ballroom dancer is dancing without his partner. He gets the first scream of the season from Mary Murphy, and with that, his ticket to L.A.

Rudy Abreu: Nick’s best friend, who had severe illnesses as a baby, bases his dancing on warrior type movements.  He also makes it to the next round.

Caleb Brauner: He returns after not getting a ticket in New Orleans. He decides to perform a dance based on the last voicemail he received from his father. He once again faces the choreography round, but this time he emerges triumphant.

Which Men from Chicago Are NOT Going to L.A.?

F.A.M.E Crew: This group of exotic dancers are back again this season. They get the okay to go to the choreography round. Mary takes a seat on stage with Jenna while the men perform for them.  The entire group bows out of the choreography round, and I suspect that may have disappointed Mary and Jenna. Sorry, ladies!

So You Think You Can Dance airs Wednesdays at 8 pm on FOX

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