Who doesn’t love a theme? This week, our So You Think You Can Dance competitors will dance to the music of Michael Jackson. While I am looking forward to another night of incredible performances, we will also say goodbye to two more dancers. (Sigh.)

Last time, Bridget Whitman and Emilio Dosal took a final bow as they were eliminated from the So You Think You Can Dance competition.

Will your favorite dancer be cut tonight, or will they move forward to the next round? And what will Cat Deeley wear this week? Oh, the suspense of it all!

Get ready! This is the So You Think You Can Dance live blog!

We kick off the night with a group routine set to Michael Jackson’s new single, “A Place With No Name” from his posthumous release, “Xscape.” It is a futuristic routine with the dancers wearing silver suits. It is actually choreographed by Michael Jackson’s choreographer, Travis Payne.

Let’s say a big hello to our JUDGES! Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy are joined at the judges’ table by actress and dancer Jenna Dewan-Tatum. All the dancers will dance with an All-Star and also show off a solo routine.


Tanisha’s solo is energetic and strong. It is a great start to the night.

Ricky Ubeda and All-Star Jaimie Goodwin
Contemporary choreographed by Travis Wall
“Smile”- Michael Jackson

We also get to hear a bit about each dancer from their mentors and family. Victor Smalley, who actually competed on So You Think You Can Dance, gave Ricky a scholarship and supported Ricky’s dancing dreams. This Travis Wall routine is about having a positive person in your life to support you. The extensions in this piece are amazing! Jenna is impressed by the connection between Ricky and his partner. Mary feels that Ricky performs on a level that the show hasn’t seen in a while.

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Ricky is safe.


Zack’s tap solo is fun and funky, but I think that he may have slipped a tiny bit. If so, it was a great recovery.

Valerie Rockey and All-Star Ryan DiLello
 Samba choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux
“Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin”- Michael Jackson

Valerie was inspired to dance by her teacher, Kathy Simpson. Kathy is proud of Valerie and all her accomplishments. This dance is about a samba battle. The dance is cute, but I feel like Valerie seems a bit hesitant in some spots. Mary raves about Valerie’s technique, except for some hesitation with the passing runs. Nigel thinks Valerie was “brilliant.”


Valerie is safe.


Casey’s solo really highlights his athleticism and turning ability.


Rudy’s solo demonstrates the power behind his movements and his quirky personality.

Casey Askew and All-Star Comfort Fedoke
Hip-Hop choreographed by Pharside and Phoenix
“Xscape”- Michael Jackson

Who is Casey’s dancing inspiration? His instructors, Mandy Rogers and Terry Schulke, who are honored to be his mentors. This hip-hop routine is high on the drama scale with Comfort playing a spider. Comfort really steals this piece away from Casey. Nigel thinks that Casey is growing every week. Mary feels that his performance was great and that it improved as the dance went on.


Casey is in danger.


Jacque’s solo is the very picture of grace and elegance.

Tanisha Belnap and All-Star Nick Lazzarini
Contemporary choreographed by Stacey Tookie
“She’s Out of My Life”- Michael Jackson

Kellie Messerly, Tanisha’s dance teacher, is one of her inspirations. Kellie is one of Tanisha’s mentors not just in dance, but in life. This piece is about lost love, and it is gorgeous. It is my favorite performance so far. Jenna compliments Tanisha’s strength, but encourages her to show more emotion. Mary tells her that she can do anything, and marvels at her ability to float across the floor.


Tanisha is in danger.


Jessica shows off both her personality and her strong technique in her solo.

Rudy Abreu and All-Star Allison Holker
Contemporary choreographed by Ray Leeper
“Dirty Diana”- Michael Jackson

So who is Rudy’s mentor? Tokyo, who is a well-known contemporary choreographer. Tokyo watched with pride as Rudy has grown as a dancer. This piece is about obsession. It is dark, sexy, and spectacular. It earns a well-deserved standing ovation from all three judges. Mary tells Rudy that he “lifts her up.” Nigel thinks that Rudy did very well, except for when he came out of character during the pirouettes.

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Rudy is in danger.


I loved seeing the joy on Valerie’s face during her solo. It was entertaining and breezy.

Zack Everhart, Jr. and All-Star Makenzie Dustman
 Broadway choreographed by Spencer Liff
“The Way You Make Me Feel”- Michael Jackson

Zack’s inspiration is Mark Goodman, who is a tap legend. Zack is Mark’s favorite student. Zack portrays a man trying to seduce an innocent young woman. I liked this number, and thought that Zack really sold it with his facial expressions. Nigel tells Zack how proud of him he is, and Jenna is a fan of Zack’s showmanship.


Zack is safe.


Ricky’s solo is both controlled and emotionally moving.

Jacque LeWarne and All-Star Stephen “tWitch” Boss
 Hip-Hop choreographed by Dave Scott
“Slave To The Rhythm”- Michael Jackson

Jacque’s inspiration is her cousin, Christianne Jordan. Jacque began dancing to be like her older cousin, and Christianne is very proud of Jacque and all her achievements. I think that Jacque did well in this routine, and she had plenty of swag. Jenna loved seeing Jacque get funky and Mary feels that she “conquered” the routine.


Jacque is in danger.

Jessica Richens and All-Star William Wingfield

Contemporary choreographed by Mandy Moore
“Earth Song”- Michael Jackson

Jessica believes that Talia Favia, a choreographer, helped her become a better dancer. This piece is about Earth and someone who lives “a fast life.” This piece is emotionally beautiful, and wins a standing ovation from all three judges. Mary says that Jessica has grown so much as a dancer, and she is proud of her. Nigel tells her she is “magnificent.”


Jessica is safe.

Dance Crew

Control Freakz, which features fantastic poppers, had a great performance.

Now on to the results!

The Bottom Dancers

Tanisha Belnap
Jacque LeWarne
Casey Askew
Rudy Abreu


Tanisha Belnap
Rudy Abreu

Jacque LeWarne and Casey Askew are safe. I am surprised about Tanisha’s elimination.

Pairings Next Week

Ricky Ubeda with All-Star Anya
Valerie Rockey with All-Star tWitch
Zack Everhart, Jr with All-Star Fik-Shun
Jessica Richens with All-Star Ade
Casey Askew with All-Star  Makenzie
Jacque LeWarne with All-Star Will

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