After this round of the competition, we will learn which four dancers will move on in their quest to become this season’s So You Think You Can Dance champion.  Last time, we said goodbye to Team Street’s Eddie “Neptune” Eskridge and Team Stage’s Derek Piquette. 

Seriously, let’s stop with all this pesky elimination nonsense; it hurts and it is sad. Is your favorite dancer moving on or going home?

Hold on and grab your tissues, dance fans! This is the So You Think You Can Dance live blog!

We kick off with a group contemporary routine choreographed by Mandy Moore. This piece is dark and dramatic but is a bit too busy for my taste. Cat Deeley, looking smashing as always in a sparkly frock, reveals that the winner last time was (drum roll please…) Team Stage! Cat also shares that the four dancers moving on will carry their votes forward to the next week. Now let’s say hello to our judges: Paula Abdul, Jason Derulo and Nigel Lythoe.

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Gaby with All-Star Marko

Jazz choreographed by Ray Leeper

This number has no storyline and will feature hot moves and great style. I like this quirky routine, which features lots of “bootylicious” moves. Nigel tells Gaby that she is one of the best dancers not only of this season, but perhaps of any season. High praise indeed! Paula calls Gaby “a delight to watch.” Jason feels that this sort of routine would have served Gaby better if there were more dancers on stage. 

Virgil Gadson (Solo)

“Rock the Bells” by LL Cool J

The dancers have chosen music that reminds them of their mentors. This song reminds Virgil of his family back home and his mentor, Clyde Evans, Jr. Evans is proud to be Virgil’s mentor. Virgil’s solo is full of energy and fun moves. 

JaJa with All-Star Alex

Contemporary choreographed by Tessandra Chavez

This piece is about a woman with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease and the struggle this represents for her true love. I can’t take my eyes off the screen during this routine. It is amazing and heartbreaking, and receives a standing ovation from all three judges. Paula praises JaJa’s ability to perform and surprise the audience. Jason likes her “commitment” to her performances. 

Hailee Payne (Solo)

“Elastic Heart” by Sia

Hailee is dancing for her mentor, Mandy Shaw, who she met at a dance competition. Hailee helped emotionally support her mentor after Mandy lost a child. Hailee’s solo is powerful and athletic.

Megz with All-Star Joshua

Hip-Hop choreographed by Christopher Scott

This piece is about freedom. Megz does a good job, but I am not a big fan of this choreography. Also, the routine is slow to pick up steam. Jason points out that the contestants do not have very much time to learn the routines. He thinks that Megz did a good job but not a great one. Nigel likes the jazz-style hip-hop and thinks that Megz is a great all-around dancer. 

Gaby Diaz (Solo)

“It’s Your Thing” by Christian McBride featuring Dee Dee Bridgewater

Gaby’s mentor is her great-uncle, who left Cuba to pursue his dance career. Her tap solo is full of personality and sass. 

Jim with All-Star Anya

Samba choreographed by Dmitry Chaplin

This samba is sexy and spicy, and Jim holds his own. Nigel once again professes his love for Anya, and he thinks that Jim did a good job. Paula thinks that he did a nice job of partnering Anya, but he needs to loosen up his hips. 

Jana “JaJa” Vankova (Solo)

“Laundry” by EdIT

JaJa gives credit to her mentor, Ceasare “Tighteyez” Willis, for her love of krump. Her solo features her amazing animation skills.

Virgil with All-Star Melanie

Contemporary choreographed by Justin Giles

This routine is about a soldier returning home from war. This subject hits close to home for Virgil. This is an emotional piece, but I think that Melanie upstages Virgil. The duo receives a standing ovation from all three judges. Paula gives Virgil compliments for daring to be vulnerable. Jason calls him “a great performer.” 

Jim Nowakowski (Solo)

“Ra” by Nathan Lanier

Jim’s piece is about his ballet mentor Tim Draper. Sadly, Tim passed away suddenly in 2003, and Jim didn’t have the chance to thank him. Jim’s solo shows off his incredible leaps and athleticism.

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Hailee with All-Star Robert

Jazz choreographed by Nick Florez and RJ Durell

In this number, Hailee portrays the angel of death trying to give Robert the kiss of death. I love this performance, and this couple has chemistry to spare. Nigel feels that she did well in her technical performance. Paula cautions Hailee to watch the partnering transitions. Paula also calls Hailee “wickedly seductive.” Hailee becomes giggly about kissing Robert, and really, who wouldn’t be?

Megan “Megz” Alfonso (Solo)

“Let It Go” by James Bay

Megz is dancing for her dance teacher, Cynthia, who always believed in her and her talent. Her solo is emotional and very fluid.

Jim and Gaby

Broadway choreographed by Josh Bergasse

Gaby has a fever, and the only cure is Jim. I like this fun routine, and I think that the couple kill it. Nigel feels like it is more night club style instead of Broadway, and he doesn’t have the fever for this routine. Jason cites the couple’s lack of chemistry but thinks that Gaby did well. Jason feels that Jim’s portrayal of a leading man “was weak.”

Hailee and Megz

Contemporary choreographed by Stacey Tookey

This piece is about sisters saying a final goodbye. I am not a huge fan of this routine. I am not sure why, but I find it sort of uncomfortable to watch and not believable. Paula mentions that both dancers did a great job. Nigel states that Megz is flourishing and he is proud of her.

JaJa and Virgil

Hip-Hop choreographed by Christopher “Pharside” Jennings and Krystal “Phoenix” Meraz

This number is about a woman who falls into a rabbit hole and gets into trouble with a crazy cat. I love this piece and it is fun and fresh. Jason doesn’t feel like it lived up to his expectations. Paula calls them “a jolt of electricity.”

Team Stage




Team Street




Who is Safe?





Who is Going Home?



I think that America got it right, as both Megz and Jim have had some rough performances for the last couple of weeks.

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