This is when we find out exactly who will make the Top 10 of So You Think You Can Dance‘s season 8, and who will go home with crushed dancing dreams. It seems kind of important. Even if it were not-so-important, we should be hearing about the SYTYCD season 8 All-Stars tonight.

This is, of course, in addition to So You Think You Can Dance‘s record eight Emmy nominations, as announced this morning! In addition to lots of choreographers getting love, the show is nominated for Best Reality Competition, while Cat Deeley is up for Best Host.

Lots of excitement!

Who will be going home? We’ll know soon enough, but for now, let’s go with the predictions from BuddyTV readers. According to the BuddyTV Readers’ Poll, a whopping 73 percent of those voting on the site think Ryan is the most likely dancer to go home. Her partner, Ricky, is tied for a distant second in the voting with Alexander (both with 9 percent of the vote). Mitchell and Jordan also picked up a couple of elimination votes.

Will we be right? It’s possible. Will we be wrong? It’s even more possible.
As for the All-Stars, speculation ends tonight with the official announcement of which former SYTYCD dancers will be returning to the show. Thanks to a little bit of a spoiler from Nigel Lythgoe, we already know that Chelsie Hightower — a season-4 alum and recent Dancing with the Stars professional — is one of the season 8 All-Stars. We just need to find out about the others.

Also, we need some dancing!

Jordan is wearing a very big skirt. Except not now. Now there are short skirts and fans. Jordan’s got the big skirt again.

Cat looks happy. Granted, Cat always looks happy, so maybe it’s not because of the Emmy nomination.

Grins all around! Emmy nominations for everyone! And an awfully nice montage of the nominated choreographers’ dances.

Enough of the Emmy love — it’s time for RESULTS! First up are Caitlynn/Mitchell and Clarice/Jess.

Clarice and Jess are in the Top 10!

Caitlynn and Mitchell are in the Bottom Three.

OK, for the new format. Each of the Top 10 will be dancing with a new partner as well as with an All-Star each week. Also, Alex Wong will not be an All-Star, having just snapped the tendon in his other leg.

The actual All-Stars are:

  • Melody from season 1
  • Allison from season 2
  • Pasha from season 3
  • Twitch from season 4
  • Comfort from season 4
  • Chelsie from season 4
  • Brandon from season 5
  • Kathryn from season 6
  • Robert from season 7

Good? Bad? Whatever the case, time for more RESULTS! This time it’s Melanie/Marko and Ryan/Ricky.

Melanie and Marko are in the Top 10!

Ryan and Ricky are in the Bottom Three. 

Immediately, it’s time for more of those RESULTS! Jordan/Tadd and Sasha/Alexander face the music this time.

Jordan and Tadd are in the Top 10!

Sasha and Alexander are in the Bottom Three.

Wow. That was a wee bit unexpected.

Anyway, while the dancers all go ponder their solos, we get to watch some tap-dancing from Jason Samuels Smith and Anybody Can Get It.

  • Caitlynn has the first solo. She has a lot of jumps and leg-showing off.
  • Mitchell follows and begins his dancing even before the music starts. Apparently that was planned, because he’s perfectly in sync with the beat.
  • Ryan is up next. She’s got some very artistic aggression going on in this one — it’s almost hip-hop-like.
  • Ricky has the fourth solo. That’s a lot of spinning. I’d fall over.
  • Sasha is the next soloist. Her dance is significantly more calm than the others, although in a way that is strong and impressive.
  • Alexander has the last solo. He went the ballet route with it and looked great.

No clue who they’re going to eliminate from the solos. It’s probably going to come down to the dances and not the solos.

To fill the gap until the judges decide, Nicole Scherzinger is performing.

Alas, it’s now time for the final results, wherein we see who makes the Top 10 and who goes home.

First the girls…
Ryan Ramirez has been eliminated!
Now the boys…
Alexander Fost has been eliminated!

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Are you happy with the Top 10? Did you expect tonight’s eliminations? Should someone else have gone home? And how about that list of All-Stars? Leave your comments below!

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