The first live results show of America’s Got Talent season six is here. There’s a lot to like about this round of results shows: the performances, the Orville Redenbacher room, the ease of predicting which acts will go through. Let’s play this first round together.

The Fearless Flores Family, Duo Aero, and Snap Boogie are the first group to receive results. If I had to guess, I’d say it will be Snap Boogie. Or just not Duo Aero. Piers, like me, is surprised to see the Flores Family and Snap Boogie on the stage on the same time. After panning across the faces of all seven people on stage, Nick announces that Snap Boogie is moving forward.  Sorry, motorcycle danger act, it looks like America didn’t want to see what would happen if you put one more person on a motorcycle, or whether or not your hair would get caught in something.

My favorite segment, “What’s Poppin” in the Orville Room, went by too fast. Then it was time for Avril Lavigne, who I haven’t really kept track of since that song about the Sk8er Boi. The girl’s still got it! And THAT’S what’s poppin’.

The next three acts to the stage are Squonk Opera, Sandou Trio Russian Bar, and J Chris Newberg. This is not difficult, it will obviously be the Russian Bar act. Howie thinks so, too. I still like Squonk Opera, though, I think they’re fun. Sandou Trio Russian Bar moves on toward the win. They promise something completely different but equally as exciting next week!

The next group includes Dezmond Meeks, Echo of Animal Gardens, and Anna Graceman. Another clear win to me. It will be Anna Graceman, right? Sharon is worried because she likes Dezmond Meeks but come on, he was no Anna Graceman. And you go, Echo of Animal Gardens! Indeed, Anna Graceman moves on to her rightful place in the semi-finals. She is just so darling!

Before the judges choose, we get to see selections from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, the musical! Yes, please! Actually, I might retract that “yes, please,” this does not actually look like my favorite thing ever, which I thought it would be. But what can you do when you’re trying to give a whole show in 90 seconds? I’m sure the actual show is better rehearsed.

Last to the stage, to face the judges’ decision are Those Funny Little People, The Fiddleheads, and Miami’s All-Stars. I’m hoping they’ll choose The Fiddleheads, but that’s a lot of Miami All Stars to disappoint. I’m pretty sure the puppets won’t be up for debate. Those Funny Little People were eliminated, and Piers stood up in celebration. Maybe I’m getting really grumpy, but I thought that was funny. The judges choose The Miami All-Stars, with long-winded votes from Sharon and Piers.

(image courtesy of NBC)

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