During last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, tension between Shannon Beador and her husband David came to a head when he wrote her an e-mail suggesting he move out for a while. But Shannon says things are better now that they’ve each put some work into their relationship.

“It’s tough to watch,” Shannon said last night on Watch What Happens Live of watching her marriage issues on TV. “I realize that nagging and complaining isn’t going to get me where I want in my relationship with my husband. And I’ve absolutely made adjustments. And it’s been good.”

She goes into more detail about her problems on her Bravo blog, where she explains how important it is for her to take responsibility for her part in order to make things better.

“I have been very open about the state of my marriage and how I want more. I want to be on the same team with David — partners in life. I do not think I am a victim and I do not intend to send that message. I am not blaming my husband for distancing himself from me. In fact, today, I take most of the responsibility it is happening.”

One of the things that the show helped her realize is that she needed to make some simple changes, like getting on the same schedule as her husband.

“David wakes up at 4:30am every morning so he goes to bed when the kids do, around 8:30pm. I am a night owl so I usually stay up late at night,” Shannon explains on her blog. “Watching the show has knocked sense into me about the clock I need to keep. I am glad that you get to see one of my ‘A-ha!’ moments. It literally hit me in my interview that I need to change my clock as a first step to improving my marriage.”

Now she admits that things are going a lot better with her husband, and while it’s hard to expose this side of herself to the world, she hopes some good can come of it.

“I am far from a ‘sad soul.’ All marriages go through rough patches. I am not justifying that it is right to behave inappropriately, but it is a reality that couples argue and things are not always perfect. Resolution of conflicts and communication are factors that define a successful marriage. For better or worse, you are seeing an honest and authentic representation of my marital struggles with David and I hope that some of you can relate and improve upon your relationships as we do with ours.”

(Image and videos courtesy of Bravo)

Gina Pusateri

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV