With So You Think You Can Dance on an unprecedented one-week break during the summer, we thought it would be a good time to take a look at how the field has shaped up thus far.  With the top 14 dancers set to perform next week, who looks most prime to win the whole thing?  Who should be eliminated?  With those thoughts in mind, we’ve concocted a ranking of both the female and male dancers who remain on the show.  Yesterday we gave you the female rankings, and today we have the male rankings.  Here they are:

#7 – Cedric Gardner

Cedric should have been sent home last week, and the week before that, and the week before that.  He may be a nice guy and he may be an awesome solo dancer, but he’s not fit to be on So You Think You Can Dance.  It’s not his fault he’s still on the show.  It’s the judges.  If he doesn’t get sent home next week, something is seriously wrong.

#6 – Danny Tidwell

Okay, a lot of fans may not agree with me on this one.  I understand.  Danny, in some genres, is a great dancer.  Unfortunately, on this show, you need to be good in all styles of dance.  Last week, Danny danced hip/hop and he was awful.  That can’t continue, regardless of how well he performs the other routines.  If he can step up his hip/hop, then he’ll move up the list. 

#5 – Hok Konishi

The jury is still out on Hok.  Obviously, we know that what he does, he does ridiculously well.  If Hok is given a hip/hop routine, he will kick its ass.  There is no doubt about this.    And, at this point, he’s done well in the the partnering dances.  I still question whether he’ll be able to compete in some of the more formal partner routines, like the Waltz or Tango or Cha Cha.  I’m guessing he won’t fare well in those and he’ll be eliminated sooner rather than later.

#4 – Neil Haskell

Neil is a talented dude, but, for me at least, it hasn’t all been there.  He seems to be able to span different genres of dance with relative ease, but has yet to give us a “wow” performance.  That doesn’t mean he won’t, but it’s hard to judge him right now, because he hasn’t had a really bad routine, but he also hasn’t had a really good routine.  The next couple of weeks should separate some from the pack, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Neil really stepped it up.  I also wouldn’t be surprised if he gets eliminated after Cedric.

#3 – Pasha Pkovalev

Here’s the thing: even if I have reservations about how well Pasha will perform in other styles of dance, you have to give him props for how well he’s done thus far.  With Jessi, Pasha kicked ass in every routine they performed.  Is it possible that losing Jessi will hurt his future routines?  Sure it is.  But, I’m guessing it won’t.  Last Wednesday, when he had to perform with the choreographer’s assistant, he was as good as he’s ever been.

#2 – Dominic Sandoval

Regardless of how you feel about Dominic (and there seem to be some haters out there) you have to admit he’s been the star of the season so far.  The judges are absolutely in love with him and, after the way they’ve treated another hip/hop dancer (Cedric) who Dom has outperformed by light years, it will exceedingly difficult for the judges to rationalize eliminating him. 

#1 – Kameron Bink

This is by default, really.  Kameron has been very good so far, has shown he can go from ballroom to hip/hop with ease, is athletic, and has yet to be placed in the bottom three.  He hasn’t been completely spectacular either, but there’s lots of time for him to impress.  In other words, Kameron may have the potential to win it all, maybe has a better chance than the other dancers, but it’s almost impossible to say at this point. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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