Anxious Lost fans and creators can forget the Emmy awards for the moment, Lost has swept the major categories for the 2007 Teen Choice awards and the trophy is something Lost cast and crew could actually put to use, a genuine life size surfboard.   While Lost’s cast and crew wait nervously to hear whether or not they will be avenged for the infamous season two Emmy snub, public voting has opened on FOX’s award program that accepts votes only from teenagers.

Among Lost’s nominations are Best Drama series, Best Dramatic Actor for Matthew Fox, Best Dramatic Actress for Evangeline Lilly, Jorge Garcia for TV Sidekick, and last but not least Michael Emerson as Benjamin Linus.

One factor that might hurt LOST is its accessibility to the target audience.  Most of Lost’s competition airs in the 8:00-9:00pm bracket.  It has been suggested that the largest portion of Lost’s missing audience in the wake of its move to 10:00pm was in the younger end of its demographic.  On the other hand, younger audience members might be dominant in the online viewing crowd, a demographic the television industry is still struggling to understand.

In previous seasons of the Teen Choice Awards LOST has been locked out by likely suspects such as The OC.  Serious LOST fans obsessed with the cerebral aspects of the show might think this competition says little of the shows value.  In fact, it may say much about what band in the age demographic is most satisfied with recent chances in the shows direction.

The many improvements to Lost’s formula and presentation have galvanized fans that are still tender following the 2006 Emmy snub.  Among fans the reasons range from a suspect nomination process, to an uneven season that simple failed to deliver at an Emmy-worthy level.  With a halo of universal praise surrounding Lost’s third season, the shows creators and fans alike are watching the awards shows intently for validation.

Of course, amongst the hardened core of Lost’s fans there are a sizable number of viewers dedicated to the show regardless of the accolades.  To them, the fact that the show is beginning to lose its mainstream meshing is just further proof that the show has remained groundbreaking. In the end, whether Lost takes home the Teen Choice Awards surfboards or Emmys, its story is bought and paid for and will end in 2010, regardless of what awards grace its mystical mantle.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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