With So You Think You Can Dance on an unprecedented one-week break during the summer, we thought it would be a good time to take a look at how the field has shaped up thus far.  With the top 14 dancers set to perform next week, who looks most prime to win the whole thing?  Who should be eliminated?  With those thoughts in mind, we’ve concocted a ranking of both the female and male dancers who remain on the show.  Today, we have the female rankings, tomorrow we’ll have the male rankings.  Easy enough.  Let’s get started:

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Kelly said: Lauren and Neil have zero chemistry. Boring. Technically, she’s good but just about every other woman on th…

meghan said: Sabra needs to be way higher on the list, she absolutely rocks and i think it’s going to be her, Lacey and …

crystal said: I think that Lauren should be number one. She can do a lot more than just her own style, and you really hav…

#7 – Anya Garnis

Frankly, Anya should have been the one sent home last Thursday.  Her hip-hop routine on Wednesday was abysmal, no matter what the judges said.  (Is it possible that they were anticipating “needing” to send Jessi home and so complimented Anya to set up some plausible deniability when eliminating Jessi the next night?  No, probably not.)  Anya is good at what she does, but she has come up short in other aspects of the show.  The likely eliminee next week.

#6 – Jaimie Goodwin

Jaimie just hasn’t done it for me this season.  I think she’s been okay.  Her and Hok have been a tough couple to judge because you know that the choreographers are doing their best to make the routines easy for Jaimie’s partner Hok, and in return it’s going to make Jaimie look good.  Jaimie’s been solid, don’t get me wrong, but unspectacular in my eyes.  I’m not discounting the possibility that she improves and starts ripping up the dance floor, but I think she might be ripe for elimination soon.

#5 – Sabra Johnson

The jury’s still out on Sabra.  Is she riding the wave of “feel-good story” with partner Dominic?  They’ve been the story of the season so far, but whenever that is the case, you have to look out for that requisite blow back.  With expectations so high, it’s going to be difficult continuing to improve every week.  For most of the routines she’ll be asked to do, Sabra will be the most inexperienced female in that genre.  It’s an uphill battle

#4 – Sara Von Gillern

Sara may just be my favorite dancer in the competition now that Jessi is gone.  Her B-Girl background hasn’t stopped her from adapting incredibly well to the other styles of dance she’s been asked to do.  Being adaptable is a huge part of So You Think You Can Dance, and Sara has been just that so far.  She seems to be one of the better female athletes on the show, which bodes well for her staying strong as the competition moves along.  If partners aren’t changed up all-around, Sara will be paired with Pasha next week, which should be good for her.

#3 – Shauna Noland

Shauna has come on very strong over the past two weeks.  After the first week of the top 20 routines, I thought she would be the first female eliminated.  However, she has shown us how talented and malleable a dancer she truly is.  Her solo routine two weeks ago was almost certainly the best female solo of the season, and I can only see Shauna improving over the course of the season. 

#2 – Lacey Schwimmer

We all know that Lacey has the pedigree.  She was bred to be a champion dancer.  Although the spotlight will be shone brighter upon her since brother Benji won the show last year, it looks as if her response will always be strong.  She’s a pro, but I somewhat question her athleticism and, thus, wonder if she’ll be able to pull off the “spectacular” at any point.  She could win it all, she could have one terrible performance and be sent home.  I don’t know.

#1 – Lauren Gottleib

This group of ladies is so difficult to rank because no one has truly separated themselves from the pack just yet.  The reason I have Lauren at the top is not because of her performances so far (though they’ve been quite good), but because I think her ceiling is higher than anyone else’s.  She can do any style of dance thrown her way.  At the very least, you can expect Lauren to be in the top 5. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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