Carrie Underwood can do no wrong.  American Idol winner, millions of albums sold, hit singles, awards, and, now, the title of World’s Sexiest Vegetarian.  PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) received tens of thousands of online votes for their annual Sexiest Vegetarian contest, and Underwood beat out stars such as Kristen Bell from Veronica Mars and Bryce Dallas Howard, who appeared in Spider-Man 3 this summer and also happens to be Ron Howard’s daughter.  The male winner for World’s Sexiest Vegetarian was The Tonight Show with Jay Leno band leader Kevin Eubanks. 

This is actually the second time Carrie Underwood has won the PETA contest; she won the poll in 2005 as well.  Last year, it was Veronica Mars herself, Kristen Bell, who won the honor.  Underwood stopped eating meat at the age of 13.  She explains her reasons:

“I do it because I really love animals and it just makes me sad. … I don’t like to watch commercials where they have meat. It weirds me out.”

On the PETA website, they still have up the whole long list of nominees and, after perusing, it’s interesting some of the people who have made the list.  “Celebrity” is apparently a loose term for the PETA people, seeing as a number of the nominees are borderline celebrities, at best. For instance, just to name a few: Anthony Peeler (former NBA player, nicknamed “The Seattle Slew” for his constant torchings of the George Karl-era Sonics), Billy Baldwin (don’t give us your lesser Baldwins, PETA), and Michael Ausiello (invaluable TVGuide writer, not a household name). 

Other notable names on the nominees list: Jonathan Taylor Thomas (JTT for the Tiger Beat crowd), Corey Feldman (ha!), Tony LaRussa (not sexy, so not sexy), GZA/RZA/Masta Killa (would you have guessed that three members of the Wu-Tang Clan were vegetarians?), and Dennis Kucinich (sorry to break it to you, sir, but the White House is only reserved for carnivores).

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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