It was a crazy night of performances on So You Think You Can Dance as the top 20 took to the stage for the first time. This time, the dancers were paired in groups to perform in their own style. I wasn’t sure at first about the Team Stage versus Team Street twist, but I dig it.

Since we will be saying goodbye to one dancer from each team in the next episode, let’s try and figure out who killed it on stage and who may be in danger of packing their bags.

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The Best of the Night

The ballet performance by Jim Nowakowski and Darion Flores was absolutely breathtaking. The routine, choreographed by Benoit Swan Pouffer, was probably one of the most difficult routines ever performed on So You Think You Can Dance. It highlighted the dancers’ physical strengths, yet was elegant and gorgeous.

Tapper Gaby Diaz and contemporary dancers Moises Parra and Derek Piquette performed a lovely Stacey Tookey piece. The routine was quiet, emotional and beautiful in its simplicity. Gaby was the star of the piece, and she made me forget that she isn’t a contemporary dancer.

Another standout routine came from Team Street and showcased the moves of Megan “Megz” Alfonso, Jessica “JJ” Rabone and Eddie “Neptune” Eskridge. It was a high energy routine that highlighted each dancer’s personality. It was my favorite hip-hop routine of the night. I thought that Megz and JJ absolutely dominated the performance, and I think they will be safe from elimination.

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Who is in Danger?

This is always a tough call, especially when you are breaking down the performances of groups featuring from two to four dancers. I think that Team Street is in danger of losing Eddie “Neptune” Eskridge. He was totally overshadowed by Megz and JJ, and his personality didn’t show during the routine. Nigel even commented on how he needed to display more personality, which isn’t a good sign.

Another Team Street dancer who may be in danger is Ariana Crowder. She performed a hip-hop routine with Virgil Gadson and Yorelis Apolinario. The judges commended Ariana for not shrinking into the background and disappearing behind Yorelis and Virgil. I don’t feel that Ariana stood out or conveyed very much personality, which could hurt her ability to get votes.

As for Team Stage, there was one routine that failed to ignite and it received some harsh criticisms from the judges. Team Stage captain Travis Wall choreographed a contemporary routine about a destructive relationship. Edson Juarez and Kate Harpootlian danced well, but the judges were confused about what emotions the duo was trying to convey.

There is no question that Kate and Edson performed beautifully, but there was a strange lack of connection between them. I think that the dancing was lost in the confusion about the meaning of the routine, and that puts Kate and Edson in a precarious position as far as earning votes.

I think that Neptune and Edson will be eliminated. Tune in next time to see if your favorite dancer will continue on in the competition.

So You Think You Can Dance airs Mondays at 8pm on FOX.

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