For the last two weeks in a row on Big Brother 17, Jason has won the Battle of the Block and Johnny Mac has thrown it. Do either of those patterns continue in week 4 with Shelli and Liz in power?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

Shelli nominated Jason and John. Liz nominated James and Jackie.

James and Jackie won the Battle of the Block!

This means Liz is dethroned and Shelli is once again the permanent HoH, with Jason and John on the block. Initially Clay and Shelli wanted Johnny Mac to throw it as Jason is their biggest target, but they’ve waffled on that and Shelli told John to try to win, so I guess they just lost.

The competition involved smashing pumpkins to retrieve keys and it seems Jason’s size was a factor while Jackie successfully just shook the pumpkins to find keys inside. It sounds like Jason and John got into more pumpkins, but Jackie and James just got lucky  with the right ones.

For losing and being dethroned, every time boy band music plays, Liz, John and Jason must dance as the Wackstreet Boys. They’re all dressed in white for the week.

Jason is definitely a target for Clay and Shelli since they think he’s coming after them for vengeance against Da’Vonne, though it’s mostly just Audrey feeding that into their ears and Shelli is starting to get snippy with Audrey, upset with her constant seed-planting. John has also been steering Shelli against Audrey, though it’s highly doubtful she’d actually pull the trigger on backdooring her.

Will Johnny Mac be able to win a third Power of Veto in a row? Could Jason save himself and force Shelli to target someone else (Becky, Steve or maybe even Audrey)? The next competition will either simplify things or complicate them.


-John has now lost the Battle of the Block three times. Last year, the only person to lose three BoBs was Jocasta.

-With Jackie’s Battle of the Block win, this means Clay and Audrey are the only remaining HGs who have not won a single competition.

-John has now played in four Battle of the Block competitions, tying the record set last year by Donny, Caleb, Jocasta and Victoria.
-John has played in all 11 competitions so far this season: 4 HoHs, 4 BoBs and 3 PoVs. That streak will continue as he’ll pay in this week’s PoV as well. By comparison, Vanessa has only played in a total of three competitions.

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